June 06, 2023

June marks National Camping Month. With walkie talkies and emergency radios, Midland Radio seeks to keep campers connected and safe while they explore the outdoors.

To mark the month, Midland Radio is taking a look KOA's 2023 North American Camping and Outdoor Hospitality Report. 


According to KOA,

  • 92 million American households identified as campers
  • 58 million households too part in camping at least once in 2022
  • More than 6.4 million households camped for the first time in 2022
  • Campers spent $52 billion in local communities 
  • 56% of RVers say they plan to use their RV more or the same amount in the next year, even with the threat of economic downturn


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the average growth rate of new US households becoming campers, was about two million per year. KOA found that before the pandemic, the number of campers was trending downward. 

10 million households camped in the year 2020 which was almost equal to the previous five years combined.

According to KOA, these are the new camping households by year:

  • 2015- 1,744,00
  • 2016- 1,859,000
  • 2017- 2,869,000
  • 2018- 2,235,000
  • 2019- 1,755,000
  • 2020- 10,130,000
  • 2021- 9,115,000
  • 2022- 6,432,000


KOA said that according to experts, it's likely camping patterns will change, now that there has been a return to more regular travel. 

KOA also found that campers continue to search for less traditional camping locations. It's anticipated that because there are a large number of campers, those seeking nontraditional locations will continue to do so. 

According to KOA, these groups are the most likely to continue camping in 2023:

  • Tried RVing for the first time- 58%
  • Always work while camping- 57%
  • Like spending time outdoors- 54%
  • Millennials- 53%
  • Great first camping experience- 50% 
  • $100k+ income- 49%
  • RV owners- 49%

KOA found these groups are the least likely to continue camping in 2023:

  • Never camped as a teen- 10%
  • Started camping due to pandemic- 15%
  • RV renters- 15%
  • No interest in new experiences- 18%
  • New campers in 2022- 18%
  • Gen Zers- 21%
  • Bored while camping- 29%


Even with the threat of economic uncertainty, the increase in cost of gas, and raises in camping site costs, RVers still find it to be an attractive form of travel.

56% of RVers said that they plan to use their vehicles more (33%) or the same amount (23%), even if an economic downturn occurs.

KOA also found that most RVers do not plan to get rid of their RV. 

According to KOA, this is the breakdown of how people view owning an RV with the threat of an economic downturn:

  • No plans to sell or rent an RV- 46%
  • Rent or borrow an RV- 14%
  • Rent RV to others- 11%
  • Plans are uncertain- 10%
  • Planning to sell RV and purchase another- 9%
  • Plan to sell RV and NOT purchase another- 6%
  • None of these options- 5%


Two-way and emergency radios are essential camping items. Bringing connection through communication will keep campers safe while helping them build lasting memories along the way. 

Shop Midland Radio's top camping radios.

X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio

These walkie talkies are a favorite...and for good reason. With seriously impressive battery life, these two-way radios will keep your group connected throughout the adventure.

Midland's T71 two-way radios also boast Xtreme Range of up to 38 miles, Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan, and easy button access.

Hand these out at the campsite as others explore, before you hit the hike, or if you need easy communication while backing in the RV.


ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

The ER40 brings safety straight to your fingertips.

This emergency crank radio features NOAA Weather Radio, meaning you'll get alerts straight to your device as soon as the National Weather Service. Receiving the most accurate, up to date alerts will allow you to seek shelter or act if inclement weather is in your area. 

Midland's ER40 is also fit with a flashlight with an SOS Strobe. This will help you if you need help in an emergency, or just need to navigate the campsite after dark. 

In case you lose power or are without electricity, the ER40 has multiple sources of power. That includes hand crank, lithium rechargeable battery, solar panel, and micro USB charging cable.

Other features include AM/FM Radio and a wrist lanyard.


T10X3M Multi-Color Pack X-Talker® Two-Way Radio

Keep connected while building connection on camping adventures. 

This three pack of walkie talkies is family-friendly so you can easily hand them out. Let the kids explore the campgrounds with independence, split up on the hike, etc. The T10X3Ms are easy to use so you'll be able to easily reach everyone with the push of a button.

The three pack comes in three fun different colors, features an up to 20-mile range, channel scan, and Midland's legendary Weather Alert Technology. The NOAA Weather Alert will immediately alert its users if severe weather is on the way. 

Grab the T10X3Ms for reliable communication no matter where adventure takes you.

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