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March 28, 2024

Midland's agriculture partner, Guedon Farms, turns to Midland's GMRS two-way radios for planting season.

Learn more about the family farm located in both Mississippi and Louisiana.


Located in Mississippi and Louisiana, Guedon Farms has been around forever.

“We’re a family farm. We’ve been on this land since 1861 and old-man Emile started farming in 1863,” Guedon II said.

That land doesn't come without its challenges.

“We do farm a bunch of low ground that the Mississippi river can get up on and flood which is terrible, but it’s just part of where we farm.”

Guedon II works alongside several of this family members. That includes his dad, uncle, and two brothers full time. Other family members and additional employees are also part of the operation that manages several different types of crops.

“We’re just a family row crop farm. We raise cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat, some seed wheat, some seed oats, we’ll plant a little milo. We also have a cow/calf operation. We’re diversified and follow markets to the best of our abilities.”


For Guedon II, farming really is everything he’s ever known.

“I grew up farming and didn’t really have a choice. I fell in love with it at an early age and some days I didn’t like it as much when my friends would be off playing or whatever. However, I wouldn’t change anything.”

The values farming brings have only enriched his life and it’s brought him unbelievable joy over the years.

“I’ve learned a ton and still apply that work ethic and those skill sets everyday basically. The challenge is awesome. I love being outdoors and I get to spend a lot of time outside. 

More than anything, he enjoys seeing everything come full circle.

“I love watching the full cycle of raising a crop. I enjoy the constant preparation and just the life cycle of a year.”


With a farm of their size, the Guedons know just how important reliable communication is.

“In our current environment, instant communication to get ahold of everyone in the field or the vicinity is key. You can’t do that with a cell phone. The Midland radios really solved that problem for us. They’re much more inexpensive than the large, old radios we used for decades.” 

The farm has been using Midland for five or six years now. The MXT500 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio is a favorite across the entire operation and for good reason.

“The MXT500 is my favorite product. The audio quality is really good. The transmission range is plenty far enough for what we are doing. It’s a well-designed unit. The screen is really nice. They’re easy to install and just work.”

That 50-Watt radio will come in handy as the crew works to get a lot done during the month of March.

“In March we’re planting corn and fertilizing corn. We’re also getting ready to plant beans, doing a little bit of tillage work, but not a ton. We’re spraying, putting cattle out, working cattle, and moving them to summer pastures. It’s a busy time.”

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