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March 14, 2024

Whether planting season is underway or you're preparing for the busy season ahead, now is the time to ensure you have the right gear for the farm. Midland's handheld walkie talkies are perfect for the farm. Easily move around the farm without worrying about communication with the help of Midland's handheld walkie talkies.

Shop Midland's top three handheld walkie talkies for the farm this planting season. 


Equipped with seriously impressive battery life, Midland's T71 handheld walkie talkies are built to perform throughout the day on the farm. 

With 36 channels, the T71s bring clear and crisp communication to planting season. 

When cell phone service is spotty or limited, the T71s bring communication you can count on. With push-to-talk communication, users don't have to wait for others to pick up the phone and they can instantly reach multiple on the farm at once. 

With NOAA Weather Radio, the T71s bring farmers the latest information straight from the National Weather Service. With this information brought straight to their handheld walkie talkies, farmers can head back if severe weather rolls in. 



These are the number one selling handheld walkie talkies in the county and for good reason. 

The GXT1000s pack a punch with power as they utilize GMRS two-way radio. With this unmatched handheld walkie talkie power, farmers can stretch their radio range for better communication across the farm. 

JIS-4 Water Resistant, the GXT1000s perform against light rain and splashing water so they're perfect for the tough environments that come along with use on a farm. 

Because the GXT1000s are equipped with NOAA Weather Radio, farmers will be the first to know anytime severe weather is headed their way, giving them time to seek safety. Not to mention, because these alerts come directly from the National Weather Service, they're the most accurate!

Push communication on the farm to new lengths with Midland's GXT1000s. 



These walkie talkies don't just have an impressive look, they perform too.

In Midland's Mossy Oak® Breakup Country Camouflage, the T295s can be used to transform two-way radio communication on the farm. Unleashing these handheld walkie talkies' GMRS two-way radio, they push the limits when it comes to radio range.

It's easy button access means instant communication to several people at once. Cell phones require several calls in order to keep everyone on the farm in touch, but these handheld walkie talkies can reach everyone at once, as long as they're on the same channel. 

Featuring NOAA Weather Radio, the T295s will let farmers and field workers know when severe weather is imminent in their area. With quick and accurate alerts, users can seek shelter when it's necessary. 

Communicate with ease on the farm this planting season.

**All of Midland's handheld walkie talkies are compatible with each FRS and GMRS two-way radio, including MicroMobiles. 


Beginning March 1, 2024 through May 1, 2024, customers who spend $500 or more will get $100 off.

Use code: SEED at checkout for exclusive savings for planting season. 

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