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January 26, 2023

Midland Radio's new product, the MXR10 GMRS Repeater and MXR10VP GMRS Repeater Bundle, stretches two-way radio range even further.

Legends Overlanding, a Midland Radio partner, tested out the repeater and shares how the new product transforms two-way radio communication.


Nathan Stuart and his partner founded Legends Overlanding just a few years ago and are working to help others explore Baja.

“We’re an outfitting company in Baja. We do remote overlanding trips that are all-inclusive. We have our own kitchen that comes with us. We take small groups with no more than six trucks and we go about just about everywhere in Baja," he said.

The founding of Legends Overlanding came after his partner visited him and they took to the outdoors.

“It was my partner’s idea. I have been living on and off in Mexico since I was 18. He came down with me on a trip a couple of years back. He’s from Idaho and is a Youtuber and off-roader. He was just blown away by the desert, the scenery, and camping on the beach. Later when we talked he said, ‘We should do something with this.”

For Stuart, it was a no brainer.

"I have all this experience down here in a place that everyone wants to travel to where people are worried about crossing the border, where they should go, what they should do, and we can facilitate that. It’s kind of a dream come true for me so of course I said yes.”

Legends Overlanding lead their first trip in November of 2021 and took about half a dozen trips over the course of 2022. The tours are booked up throughout the winter and spring of 2023. 

“It’s really starting to pick up. Coming out of the pandemic, people are ready to travel so it’s been great.”



Legends Overlanding brings an all inclusive overlanding experience to the desert in Baja.

Part of that trip includes an unmatched culinary experience.

"We really focus on feeding people food from the area that we’re at so you kind of get a three dimensional experience with camping. You’re not just camping somewhere and eating what you bought at the grocery store. We’re harvesting mussels, or duck, or pine nuts from the pine trees.”

For him, it's been unbelievable to see the quality of food brought to their remote excursions.

“The food is bar none. I can’t believe how good our chefs are with the stuff they’re making in the middle of nowhere. It’s fun because you’re experiencing the land with your mouth, your eyes, and all your senses.”


Legends Overlanding uses Midland Radio two-way radios for all their trips.

“We’re crossing an international border so communication is very important and we want to give our clients a sense of security. We’re also going to be in very remote areas so being able to communicate with every vehicle and trust our customers have the right radios in their vehicles is important.”

Midland's two-way radios bring safety and connection.

"Communicating along the convoy while we go down the road is obviously really helpful. We let everyone know if there’s a car coming, the last car lets us know they’ve passed them, if there are changes in the road, and also just joking, laughing. By the end of the trip, every truck has a name. It’s just fun. The radios are a way for everybody to talk to each other.”

Stuart and his partner often hand out Midland's handheld two-way walkie talkies and even the MXT115 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio. He chooses these radios because of their ease of use.

“We really like Midland because of the user friendliness of all of the radios. I’ve never been a radio guy, but Midland has made it so easy to use all of their products.”



Legends Overlanding partnered with Midland Radio to test out the MXR10VP, the new GMRS Repeater Bundle in order to take two-way radio communication to new levels.

“My partner, Nathan thought it would be good to boost our radios in Cataviña. It’s kind of a famous stop on the Highway 1. It’s a beautiful section of the desert and a lot of tourists come through there. There’s a lot of snowbirds down there that stop over there. He does guiding out of Cataviña.”

The repeater is under supervision so that it brings safety and reliable communication to those in the area.

“They have a café right off the 1 and now there’s a big Midland sign that says there is a repeater there. It’s just great to have the service that this repeater from Midland is providing. It’s an open channel. It’s for everybody to use. It’s being monitored all the time so if you get on there and need help, there should be someone in Cataviña to help.”

Stuart said they will soon move the repeater to a mountain, an additional 800 feet in height to bring extended range.

"The repeater is amazing. This will extend our radio communication."

He appreciates how simple the repeater is to use, making it easily accessible to anyone in the area.

“I have people of all experience levels that are able to figure out how these radios work. That’s exactly what Midland provides.”

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