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April 06, 2021

As adventure enthusiasts, safety is always our number one concern.Our newest product the ER10VP E+Ready Compact Emergency Alert AM/FM Weather Radio, is no exception. Whether you’re camping, fishing, hunting, overlanding, or hiking  the ER10VP is compact, effective, durable, and affordable at $19.99.

Just keep the ER10VP in your backpack or on your dashboard, and it will automatically alert you in case of any emergency weather conditions. In addition, we’ve included a flashlight with Hi, Lo, and SOS strobe options in case of emergency.

This essential gear will be released on April 1st, but we've given some pre-release ER10VPs to a few outdoor enthusiasts ahead of time, in order to ensure the weather radio’s effectiveness. Here’s what those reviewers had to say:

“Slip it into your pocket or pack”


Jean lives in snowy Boston, and uses Midland emergency radios on all her adventures. As a Midland Radios fan, she was especially impressed with the ER10VP’s portability. With its rounded edges and palm size, it fit comfortably in my hand and slid easily into a zippered pocket in my ski bibs when I headed out to explore a nearby park. Oh, and it weighs less than my cell phone with the case.

She recommends the ER10VP for outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes, “Take this along when you’re heading out on the water or the woods and it will sound an alarm with weather warnings and watches for your area. It’s great for regions where you might not have cell phone coverage. An early warning can make all the difference. “

“Smart addition to your gear”

Kristin specifically enjoyed the ER10VP’s ability to broadcast the forecast in places without cell service,“Midland’s ER10VP Emergency Radio has filled in a very specific gap in gear for us. While our cell phones are our main go-to for weather updates, once we’re out of service zones (which is more frequent than you might expect), it’s necessary to make sure you can see any changes in weather coming. From mountain-top hikes to camping in the backcountry, it’s important to make sure you can react according to impending weather. We’ve learned our lesson (more than once) and the very reasonable price point of this emergency radio helps us to mitigate that risk in the future.”

She also lauded the ER10VP’s flashlight for its safety and, “It has a flashlight/strobe feature which comes in very handy if you need to navigate a trail after sunset or are having evening car troubles. My favorite feature is that you can turn on the weather alert feature while the radio is off and it’ll signal you to any incoming weather alerts with an alarm and strobe to get your attention. There is no price tag to put on having a bit of peace of mind when heading out into nature, but Midland makes sure it’s within your price range to have the added security. Bonus points that it can fuel a dance party, too!”

 “Handy little tool to have in the bag”

It even won over an ardent Ham radio enthusiast.I wasn't sold on having a device just for the weather as I could get that on my handheld ham radio while out on trips but I was wrong. This little thing made it easy to find the weather station in the area I was camping in over the weekend. All I had to do was cycle through the 5 preset weather channels and the right station popped up in no time. Would have taken a LOT longer the old way I used to do it.”

Final Word

At just $19.99, there’s no better way to keep you and your loved one’s safe in the outdoors. This multifaceted handheld weather radio is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who often find themselves without service in weather conditions that could be hazardous.

If you’re still not convinced, head on over to the ER10VP’s product page and read the rest of the glowing reviews for yourself.

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