July 17, 2023

Midland Radio donated two-way radios to the American Fallen Hero Fishing Tournament.

The event organizer spoke to Midland Radio about the tournament's founding and the importance of two-way radios.


Spring 2023 was the 14th Annual American Fallen Hero Fishing Tournament located in Ohio.

The event organizer, Cory Smith founded the event as a way to honor his brother.

“September 9 of ’09, my brother was killed in Iraq. He loved to fish so we tried to do stuff in his name. We started up this fishing tournament because he loved to fish. We wanted to keep his name going and figured what better way than to do a fishing tournament," Smith said.

About 36 boats and 72 people took part in the tournament this year. 

"Some people who didn’t enter the tournament will stop by and buy raffle tickets and watch weigh ins. That’s a big deal. We had a guy who had been at our a weigh ins the last five years and he told us he looks for our tournament every year because we’re always bringing in big fish.”

The event raised money for Wounded Warriors and the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial.

“Wounded Warrior is one of our big ones because we’ll also take wounded warriors out with us when we fish. We’ll get them in boats with some of our top guys. Both organizations hit home for us.”



For Smith, the event is a family affair.

“My parents used to help us. They moved down to South Carolina. Now, it’s typically just me and my sister. I do all the leg work in the early months and then she comes up to allow me to fish with the guys. It’s a family thing.”

The event raised about $1,500 this year. 

“It means everything to me. It’s why I do it every year."

While Smith said it is important to give back by donations, it's also special for him to see veterans involved in the tournament. 

“Seeing the looks on the guys’ faces because a lot of them are retired veterans. They love to see that type of stuff and know that they didn’t put their lives on the line for nothing.”


Midland Radio donated walkie talkies to the event's raffle.

“I have sets of Midland’s radios and so I try to reach out to companies I know for a fact are great products. That's what Midland Radio has." 

Smith also uses his Midland Radio walkie talkies while partaking in the tournament.

“I have two-way radios in my boats. I also have one on land with my sister so if she has questions about something she can get ahold of me. A lot of times when we’re out there fishing, we have no cellphone service. Where we are at, our radios are more reliable than anything else.”

Smith uses Midland Radio's AVPH8 Acoustic Throat Mic to make communicating even easier while out on his boat.

“I even have the throat mic so I don’t actually have to pick up the walkie talkie.”

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