March 02, 2023

Midland Radio is the sponsor of the 2023 SMORR 2 MORRE Overland Rally at MOORE Expo.


MOORE Expo is the Midwest's #1 Adventure Travel Consumer Show.

The event is set to take place April 21-22 at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, MO. 

MOORE Expo will include educational opportunities such as how to pack a first aid kit, what equipment is essential, how to use a navigational app. The goal is to help broaden outdoor adventure knowledge.

The event will also feature live entertainment in MOORE Expo's Recovery Room Lounge. Musicians will play both days and there will classic yard games to play. The entertainment is the perfect way for adults and kids to unwind after a day of hitting the expo.

Because MOORE Expo is the largest event of its kind in the MIdwest, it attracts vendors from all over the world. Whether it's a two-way radio, rooftop tent, expedition trailer, or lift kit, attendees will get the chance to see the products they're interested in purchasing up close and personal. With vendors in their booths, customers can also take in live demos and speak to company representatives in person. 



More than 200 vendors will be exhibiting at MOORE Expo. 

Here's a look at some of the brands planning to attend:



Midland Radio is the official sponsor of the SMORR 2 MOORE Overland Rally.

The overland rally will put your off-road skills to the test and pushes participants to develop new skills. 

The S2M Overland Rally isn't a race, but requires those participating to follow a guidebook with a compass to travel throughout the route answering key questions and completing specific tasks. 

Participants will receive a Midland Radio Rally Navigation Book, vehicle decal kit, Midland Radio/MOORE Expo swag bag, commemorative patch, navigator support kit, and VIP parking at MOORE Expo.

The rally begins at SMORR (Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch) or MOORE Expo. You'll use the rally book to take a journey along the backroads to the other destination where you'll turn in the book.

Midland Radio will then judge the books to find the winner. The winners of the S2M Overland Rally will walk away with special prizes that will enhance outdoor adventures. 

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