May 31, 2022

Midland Radio partnered with the E3AssociationNorthridge4x4, and TrailRecon on a Toyota Tacoma Build.


Andrew Kinsman, Director of Marketing Shared Services with Midland Radio, helped Brad with TrailRecon on the installation.

The two chose Midland's 15-Watt MXT275 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio for the install.

Kinsman cited the MXT275's Fully Integrated Control Microphone as one of the radio's most popular features.

“Since all the controls are on the mic, we can hide this head unit away. You can hide it away on the right of the console, left of the console, under the driver’s seat, the passenger seat, inside the console, or even inside the glovebox," he said.

Brad agreed, knowing hiding the radio unit away would help them avoid a crowded dashboard.

“I like the glove box option because we want to have the mic easily accessible and we don’t have to run a ton of wires," he said.

Not only does the MXT275 allow for a quick and simple installation, but its speaker output is loud and clear. 

“Another great feature of this radio is there is a speaker in the head unit and there is also a speaker in the mic so you can run one or the other. If you like, you can run them both at the same time," Kinsman said.

The MXT275's LCD screen also comes in seven different colors, allowing you to match the color to your vehicle.

This radio will bring clear and crisp communication to this Tacoma's adventures ahead.


After determining the best radio placement, Kinsman and Brad took to antennas.

The two discussed two of Midland Radio's options- the MicroMobile® MXTA26 6dB Gain Whip Antenna or the MicroMobile® MXTA25 3dB Gain Ghost Antenna

“I think going with a taller one (MXTA26) for our longer trips where we’re really remote is great, but when we’re in convoys and most daily use, I like the Ghost Antenna (MXTA25). I love that they use the same mount.”

Midland Radio also offers several different mounting options that would work on this Tacoma build.

That includes the MicroMobile® MXTA27 Universal Lip Mount and the MicroMobile® MXTA12 Antenna Mag Mount. Those looking to install their antenna on their ditch lights or on a bracket should use Midland Radio's MicroMobile® MXTA22 Ditch Light Extension Bracket

“Since there is going to be a roof rack on this build, we’re going to go ahead and use the bracket mount and we’re going to attach that antenna to that bracket mount," Kinsman said.

The antenna mounting rule of thumb is to place it as high as possible.

There are a few places Kinsman and Midland Radio DON'T recommend mounting an antenna:

  • In front of the vehicle
  • The rear of the vehicle
  • Somewhere low on the vehicle

“I’ve seen people mount them on their bumper before and it just blocks so much of that antenna’s visibility," Brad said. 

“If your buddy is in front of you, it’s going to block all that radio signal because the vehicle itself is an obstruction," Kinsman added.


Kinsman also showed Brad just how easy it is to install the MXT275.

Watch for Kinsman's quick 48 second installation of the MXT275 in the Toyota Tacoma. 

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