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September 24, 2021

Midland Radio is excited to launch its MXTA37 and MXTA47 ANC/IP66 Dustproof Microphones. You can purchase these mics beginning August 19, 2021 at 12 p.m. CT.

About the MXTA37

The MXTA37- ANC/IP66 Dustproof Microphone is compatible with Midland's MXT115 Micromobile Two-Way Radio.

The automatic noice cancelling microphone is equipped with a dustproof push-to-talk button. The IP66 Dustproof classification will help keep your mics operating clear no matter what dust you encounter.

The MXTA37 also has a blue LED Status Indicator and channel select.

The MXTA37 is perfect for loud and dirty environments. 

About the MXTA47

The MXTA47- ANC/IP66 Dustproof Microphone is very similar to the MXTA37, but is compatible with Midland's MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio.

This automatic noise cancelling microphone also has a dustproof push-to-talk button.


Farmer Weighs In On Dustproof Mics


Mitch Schrock and his son, Nathan, run Schrock Farms in Garden City, Missouri.

The two farmers raise corn and soybeans.

"We raise some seed production for a local company and the rest of our produce goes for poultry feed," Schrock said.

They've been using radios on the farm for years.

"Cellphones have limited capability and sometimes our signal isn't strong enough. A lot of times we need to communicate quicker than you can on a cellphone. Our radios give us instant communication. Radios give us a lot of flexibility," he said.

The Schrocks began using Midland's Micromobiles about three years ago. You can find the MXT400 in their trucks and the MXT115 in their machines. They have MicroMobiles in all their vehicles on the farm.

"We really like these radios. They're clear and reliable. We can move them from one machine to another easily if it's necessary."

With the launch of the MXTA37 and MXTA47, the Schrocks are excited about increasing the quality of their communication.

"We were having a little trouble with dust here on the farm. With the new mics, the quality is much clearer and background noise has virtually been eliminated. My guys can tell when I'm using the new mics because they sound so good," Schrock said.

It's IP66 Dustproof classification means your communication will be clear no matter what dirty conditions you face outdoors.

Like the MXTA37, the MXTA47 has a blue LED Status Indicator and channel select.

Farmers and off-roaders should scoop this mic up for their next day operating machinery or adventure in the great outdoors.

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