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October 12, 2021

Midland Radio has long been partners with KC Cattle Company. We spoke to Kale Swing, VP of Sales and Product Development about how two-way radios help their operation run smoothly.


KC Cattle Company is a veteran-owned and veteran-operated Wagyu cattle operation in Weston, Missouri, just outside of Kansas City.

Patrick Montgomery founded KC Cattle Company in 2016. Montgomery served in the Army as a Ranger with the 1st Ranger Battalion.

His goal was to take the lessons he learned during his time in the military and bring it to his farm. Montgomery wanted to raise superior quality Wagyu Beef for the same people and communities he once served as an Army Ranger.

The company has since grown to a staff of five including Kale Swing.

“Initially when Patrick started the company I was one of his first customers. I just wanted to support another veteran-owned business. When my buddies from the military would come into town, I’d purchase some of the Wagyu beef so that we could have a good dinner together.”

Overtime, his friendship with Montgomery grew and led to a job opportunity.

Swing says their military experience makes them unique.

"We’ve been able to develop a culture here that is similar to what we experienced when we were in the military. That culture has allowed us to grow this company and develop this business into a household name in Kansas City and establish a customer base all over the country," he said.

KC Cattle Company ships to all 50 U.S. states. As of this summer, there were 40 cows on the farm.


KC Cattle Company is a Wagyu Beef operation. 

“Wagyu itself has a genetic mutation for how they marble out the fat that develops in their muscles. This is referred to as intermuscular fat. That fat equates to flavor and tenderness," Swing told Midland Radio.

Swing says Wagyu also has a lower melting point.

"All of that fat when it’s cooked is rendered down into the cut leaving an extremely tender and flavorful experience.”

KC Cattle sells several different cuts of steaks, roasts, bacon, pork belly, ground beef, burger patties, bratwursts, summer sausage, hot dogs, and more.

Swing's favorite product is the KC Strip Steak.


KC Cattle Company has been using Midland Radio products for the last two years.

Communication within the company is vital to its success.

“Communication overlaps into every single aspect of KC Cattle Company. In order for us to accomplish what we need to do week after week, we have to have solid lines of communication. Midland has certainly helped us get there here on our farm," Swing said.

Before using Midland Radio products, the crew used cell phones. Not only has switching to radios given them more reliable communication, but it's also made it more efficient.

“The radios have allowed us to communicate at distance across the property in regards to things that need to be accomplished or things we might need while we are out there.”

KC Cattle Company uses two-way radios for cattle movement and ranch maintenance. To do so, the team uses the GXT1000VP4 Two-Way GMRS Radio and the MXT115 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio. Swing said KC Cattle Company appreciates the durability and ease of communication of the farm's two-way radios.

“The products are fantastic. Out here we’re exposing them to all the elements, all the ruggedness and they stand up to the test.”

Both Midland Radio and KC Cattle Company are based in the Kansas City, Missouri area. While both companies reach customers all over the country, Swing says there is something special about local businesses.

“Being here in Kansas City and being another local company is huge to us because we’re a local company. We love local support so we want to support local as well.”


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