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February 09, 2022

Thursday, December 30, 2021 brought devastating fires to the Louisville, Colorado community. 

Midland Radio is announcing its $1,000 donation to the Boulder County Wildfire Fund following the Marshall Fire. 


Anyone living along the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains will experience strong downslope winds several times a year.

In spring, downslope “chinook” winds are referred to as “snow eaters” because the air warms and dries as it descends, melting snow. 

Colorado’s Marshall Fire was fanned by downslope winds of 70-100 mph, and any warming and drying only made the fire worse. The previous six months had been some of the driest on record, and normal fall or early winter snow, an important source of fire-retarding moisture, failed to arrive.  Bone-dry grass was quick to ignite, and the wind-fanned flames outraced any attempt to control them. 

At that point, the best thing that could be done was to order immediate evacuations.

Investigators are still working to determine how the Marshall Fire was started.

However, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office has narrowed down the list of likely potential causes to include downed power lines, human activity, and underground coal mines in the area.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) named the Marshall Fire to its list of billion dollar disaster. According to NOAA, western wildfires in 2021, including the Marshall fire, all together caused more than $10 billion worth of damage.


The fires destroyed nearly 1,000 homes and buildings. 

Because of the fires, tens of thousands of residents were forced to evacuate. 

Authorities in the area say it will take years to rebuild. 

Any donations made to the Boulder County Wildfire Fund on Bestop.com will have three times the impact because for every dollar donated, Bestop will match.

Jeep Jamboree USA will also match. 

Because of Midland Radio's strong ties to the overlanding community and partnership with Jeep Jamboree USA, the company knew it wanted to lend a hand.

"We want to offer our thoughts, prayers, and support to everyone impacted by the devastation and destruction caused by these fires. We appreciate the first responders who worked tirelessly to evacuate residents and put out the fires. Midland hopes our support will help those affected by the fires heal and rebuild following this awful tragedy," Midland Radio President, Dan Devling said. 

If you're looking to contribute to the Boulder County Wildfire Fund through Bestop, you can head here to make your donation. 


Wildfires are dangerous and like other emergencies, it's important to have multiple, redundant methods of receiving life-saving alerts.

Because a cellphone tower can be destroyed or become overwhelmed in the midst of an emergency, NOAA Weather Radios are one of the most reliable ways to receive alerts. 

"A very windy day seldom turns into a terrible disaster, but it can happen. If it does, your best chance of surviving is to hear alerts early, and act on them," Midland Meteorologist, Bruce Jones said.

With a NOAA Weather Radio, you and your loved ones can rest easy that you will get the alert as soon as a wildfire warning is issued. Getting that notification as soon as possible could give you the extra time you need to evacuate and get to safety. 

"The National Weather Service in Boulder issued timely and informative warnings and updates that saved numerous lives. The loss of more than 1,000 homes and businesses made this the most expensive wildfire in Colorado history, but the lives saved by police, firefighters, forecasters, and broadcasters hold far more value.  Every American family should have multiple, redundant methods of receiving warnings, including NOAA Weather Radio, the official 'Voice of the National Weather Service.' A disaster doesn’t always tell you it’s coming, it just shows up at your door, so be ready for it," Jones said. 

The WR120 NOAA Weather Alert Radio is perfect for your home. With its S.A.M.E. EZ localized programming, you can select the county you live in so you're receiving the most accurate information for your area. 

The ER210 E+Ready Compact Emergency Crank Radio is great for when you're on the go. Make this hand crank radio as part of your "go kit" if you're in an area that has to evacuate. With its several power sources, this radio can keep you and your loved ones informed as you evacuate. 


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