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October 20, 2021

Midland Radio is proud to announce its partnership with the E3 Association.


The E3 Association has four brands- E3 OFFROAD, E3 FIREARMS, E3 OVERLAND, and E3 CAMPING.

The E3 Association sees itself as developers, trainers, researchers, and explorers, searching for the best practice in each of its brands. 

Those with E3 memberships have access to information about the best products and training in their desired category. 

E3 places a strong focus on safety, confidence, abilities, and outcomes of each member. The group understands that the world is constantly changing with different laws, new technology, equipment, and better ways of doing things. One of E3's core values is to make sure they are the place members can go to stay up to date on the latest information within each category. 

Each brand supports a charity and donates a percentage of every membership to a veterans organization. 


With every Midland purchase, customers get a free 30-day membership to one of the E3 Association categories. 

Customers do not need to put in a coupon code during checkout with Midland. After purchase, you will receive a link within the order confirmation email that has the coupon code. 


Midland Radio and the E3 Association are the perfect fit in that both want to encourage others to explore the outdoors in a safe and enjoyable way.

Radios and communication go hand in hand when implementing the tools, products, and training while taking on the next adventure. 

Whether you're off-roading, at the range, overlanding, or camping, Midland and the E3 Association will make sure you have the latest communication technology and education practices to make lasting memories. 


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