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December 15, 2020

Meet Bryan Heward, a dedicated big-game and shed hunter, as well as one of Midland’s most trusted partners. When he’s not on a bucket-list hunt in Africa, you can find him hunting bison, elk, deer, fowl and more or shed-hunting with his trusted Aussie Ranger. Check out our interview with Bryan to find out his biggest kill and what Midland radio he always keeps with him on a hunt.

How long have you been hunting?

As long as I can remember. My dad instilled the passion of hunting in me when he started letting me tag along from a very young age.

Follow Bryan to see some awesome action shots and shed finds.

How long have you been shed hunting?

I found my first deer antler when I was pheasant hunting in Idaho. I was probably 10 years old and had no idea why there would be a deer antler on the ground. I have been taking shed hunting seriously for about 5 years now.

What has been your biggest find so far?

Biggest Brown Deer - 216"

Biggest Brown Elk - 365"

Shed-hunter Bryan Heward provides some awesome action shots on his Instagram page.

How about your biggest hunt/animal?

This fall I was able to kill a buffalo with my bow. a bucket list hunt for me. But I have also been on safari in South Africa and shot several other bucket list animals over there.

What is your favorite place to hunt?

I grew up hunting deer every year on a piece of family ground in Wyoming. It really got me hooked on mule deer and I have been chasing big game since.

Check out these awesome finds from Bryan Heward.

Favorite place to shed hunt?

Wherever big Mule Deer Live. ;)

Best memory while hunting/shed hunting?

Hunting: This year my father was able to harvest a desert sheep in Nevada. The entire family got to be there and Dad shot a giant ram. As a hunter, you never forget any hunt you go on. A hunters mind is full of cherished memories in the field.

Shed Hunting: Shed hunting is always full of good memories. Every year, buddies of mine throw all their kids into the truck and we all head out together. We call it the kid trip, and we somehow manage to always find a lot of elk horns every year. Watching the next generation get enthused about time spent on the mountain is humbling to be a part of.

Check out these awesome photos from Bryan Heward.

Craziest thing you’ve found while out on the hunt?

I was traveling with a few buddies to go shed hunting late one evening when a car in front of us hit a deer. We pulled over to see if they were okay and noticed they had flames coming out the bottom of their engine. We quickly got them out of the vehicle and within a few minutes the entire car was engulfed in flames.

What Midland product is essential while hunting?

I always take my GXT1000 two-way radios with me. The range on them is exceptional and I am grateful to be able to stay in touch with my hunting partners.

Midland partner Bryan Heward provides some awesome hunting shots.

Any advice to hopeful hunters/shed hunters?

Time. It is all about spending the time out in the field. If you want to be good at something it will not happen overnight. Find where the animals are, do your research, and plan on having lots of bad days where not much is found. Instagram is a highlight reel, it never shows all the bad hikes.

You can follow Bryan on Instagram @bryan.heward.

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