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November 03, 2022

Whether you're on the trails, the farm, slopes, or in the RV, two-way radios provide useful communication as you push the limits and explore off-grid.

But you're not the only one using two-way radios to communicate and others not in your group might be on the same channel. That's why it's so important that you're being respectful of others. 

Two-way radio communication is unique and to help you navigate, we've put some some two-way radio etiquette. 


  • Learn the lingo
  • Pause before you speak
  • Identify yourself
  • Keep communication short and to the point
  • Learn the NATO alphabet
  • Speak in a clear tone
  • Don't interrupt others
  • Don't transmit sensitive, confidential, financial information




Here are a few key terms in two-way radio lingo you can use to transmit to keep things short and to the point.

Affirmative- Yes

Negative- No

Over- Finished speaking, lets other party know they can speak

Out- The conversation is finished and others can use the channel

Roger- Message understood

Go Ahead- Resume transmission 

Say Again- Repeat the message

Stand by- Please wait

Wilco- I'll follow the instructions 



When you're needing to spell out letters over the radio, there's a specific alphabet to follow. Many use the alphabet to spell out a name, location, code, etc. It can be easy to mishear something on the radio, so the NATO Alphabet comes in handy.

A- Alpha

B- Bravo

C- Charlie

D- Delta

E- Echo

F- Foxtrot

G- Golf

H- Hotel

I- India

J- Juliet

K- Kilo

L- Lima

M- Mike

N- November

O- Oscar

P- Papa

Q- Quebec

R- Romeo

S- Sierra

T- Tango

U- Uniform

V- Victor

W- Whiskey

X- X-ray

Y- Yankee

Z- Zulu

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