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May 14, 2024

Keeping the whole family connected and safe couldn't be more important. 

Walkie talkies bring reliable communication that will keep everyone in contact. 

Here's how Midland's walkie talkies can keep everyone in the family in touch.


Whether you're inside and the kids are playing in the backyard, or the kids are headed out with others in the neighborhood to play, you always want to be able to quickly get ahold of the kids.

With walkie talkies, there's instant, push-to-talk communication.

When you're inside working on dinner and finishing up household chores, the kids might be playing in the backyard. Let them know it's time to head inside by simply pushing and talking into the walkie talkie. It's also a great way to keep an eye on them and make sure they're safe and not getting into any trouble.

When kids are too young for cell phones, walkie talkies help give parents peace of mind when giving them independence to explore the neighborhood with other kids. Cell phones bring a lot of responsibility and if you're not ready to give one to your kids, it's ok. However, you still might feel like they're old enough to walk across the street to go to their friends' houses. Give them a walkie talkie so you can keep track of their location, make sure they're checking in throughout the day, call them home, and stay in touch as they return.


Walkie talkies bring seamless communicatin to family road trips, making communicating at the hotel, at theme parks, or outdoors that much less of a stressor.

When heading out on a family road trip, easily stay in touch with family members in multiple cars. These walkie talkies make it simple for you to reach other vehicles to let them know you need to stop for gas, a bathroom break, lunch, or if you experience car problems. With the walkies across multiple cars, you don't have to worry about cell phone service if you're in a rural area and don't have to wait for someone to pick up the phone or text pack. You can also reach the entire group at once! Communication has never been easier. 

When you're split up in different hotel rooms, you'll need to let each other know if you're running late, wanting to meet up for a meal, etc. Keep a walkie talkie in each room so that you have instant communication. With the push of a button, you can reach multiple people and avoid playing a game of telephone as you would have to do with cell phones. 

Theme parks naturally lead to separating into groups as some people want to take in specific rides or experiences. By giving each group a walkie talkie, you're able to stay in touch in areas that are often overcrowded, leading to poor cell phone service. Not to mention, these walkie talkies are intuitive so simply just hand them out and make sure everyone is on the right channel!


Unplug and disconnect at the campground this summer. 

Back in the RV without yelling at one another by grabbing walkie talkies to seamlessly communicate. This will make the experience quicker and more positive. 

Split up and explore the campground without worrying about getting lost. If a few members of your camping group are looking to hike while others want to stay back and lounge, hand out walkie talkies. This way, if someone gets hurt or lost, everyone can keep in touch at the push of a button. 

Safety is key and if you're looking to give the kids a little bit of independence, walkie talkies are the perfect solution. Simply give them a walkie talkie and reach all of them instantly! 


Midland's walkie talkie options are easy to use, reliable, and bring family fun.

Shop our favorite family walkie talkies for summer adventure.


In three fun colors, Midland's T10X3M walkie talkies bring the family together with fun communication. 

Easy to use, simply hand out a walkie talkie to each member or group of the family. They're so easy to use that all you need to do is make sure everyone is on the same channel!

With the T10X3Ms in hand, trust two-way radio communication has never been clearer.

Oh, not to mention, the T10X3Ms also feature NOAA Weather Alert Radio so if severe weather is headed your way, you'll be the first to know!



A Midland employee favorite, these walkie talkies are solid.

With seriously impressive battery life, the T71s bring communication the whole family can count on throughout summer adventure.

With super clear voice clarity, the T71s will ensure nobody in the family misses a single message along the way.

Equipped with NOAA Weather Alert Radio, these walkie talkies will be sure to let you and your family members know when severe weather is heading into your area, adding in another level of safety for everyone. 


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