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August 06, 2020

As hurricane season ramps up, the need for a portable emergency radio becomes more apparent. We are already seeing the widespread destruction caused by Hurricane Isaias. Unfortunately, this will not be the last of severe weather for the year.Experts are predicting a very active hurricane season in 2020. This could lead to more devastation, further complicated by COVID-19. We are not certain what preparation and relief efforts will look like during the pandemic. People looking to protect their loved ones can ensure they are prepared for any incoming severe weather with Midland’s line of portable emergency radios:ER210, ER310 and EX37VP.


ER210 Emergency Crank Weather Radio

ER210 Portable Weather Radio

Compact and easy to pack in your go-bag, theER210 Emergency Crank Weather Radio is essential during a hurricane. You need something lightweight, portable, and with multiple power options so you can quickly take it with you if you lose electricity or are forced to evacuate.

TheER210 features NOAA Weather Radio + Alerts, an extremely bright CREE® LED flashlight with SOS, USB port for charging other devices, and AM/FM radio. It also features a rechargeable 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery (up to 25 hours of use), and a hand crank and solar panel.


ER310 Deluxe Emergency Crank Weather Radio

ER310 Portable Weather Radio

TheER310 Deluxe Emergency Crank Weather Radio includes many of the same features at theER210, but with a few upgrades. The rechargeable battery in theER310 is a more powerful 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery, which gives you up to 32 hours of use. It also features an ultrasonic dog whistle, which can greatly help search and rescue teams in locating individuals. This radio also features NOAA Weather Radio with alerts, extremely bright CREE® LED flashlight with SOS, USB port for charging other devices, a hand crank, solar panel, and AM/FM radio.


EX37VP X-Talker®Two-Way Radio Emergency Kit

EX37VP Portable Weather Radio

You know how important it is to keep an emergency weather radio, but what if you need to get a message out? If you are stranded with no cell phone or power, you will need a way to communicate with others. TheEX37VP X-Talker®Two-Way Radio Emergency Kit comes with two X-Talker®walkie talkies in bright red, which make them easy to spot. The radios provide quick access to NOAA Weather Alert Radio. The kit also comes with rechargeable batteries, flashlight, compass/whistle, and Micro USB charging cable, all in a semi-rigid portable case. Keep it in your car so it is always ready to take off with you. 

The importance of having a weather radio is clear. It can save your life. If you live in an area affected by hurricanes, you need a portable emergency radio. It’s important you have access to weather updates with a device that can also help if you are stranded. 

Make sure you get an emergency radio to protect you and your loved ones. These three items may just save your life.

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