October 19, 2023

A Kansas City area hotel uses Midland's business radios to keep connected throughout the property.

The general manager shares how Midland's business radios are improving efficiency.


LaVetta Dodd is the General Manager at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Shawnee, Kansas.

The property boasts 114 rooms and staff have been using Midland's business radios for seamless communication. 

“We use them to communicate between housekeeping, front desk, and maintenance.”

Dodd said her team uses Midland's BizTalk® MB400 Business Radio and got them in 2023 through their representative at HD Supply. She is amazed at how easy its made communication. 

“It’s proven way more reliable and faster than cellphone to cellphone. It’s just an immediate, ‘Hey room whatever needs this.’ The radios just make it so much easier.”

With quick communication, Midland's business radios have improved efficiency tenfold. 

“They’ve improved efficiency by 100%. From not having the radios to having them, it’s 100%.”

It's also been a relief for her staff. 

“They have been working so well, just amazing. The communication level is just amazing. The quickness of the response means we can get help immediately.”

The business radios have been such a help that Dodd suggest others in the hospitality industry look to them for improved efficiency. 

“I would definitely recommend the radios to other general managers because it’ll just mean easier, improved communication with staff which makes a difference.”


Midland's BizTalk® MB400 Business Radio brings increased efficiency through reliable communication, perfect for the hospitality industry.

With 16 different business channels, you can utilize different channels for each department. 

The MB400 packs a punch with four watts of power that'll keep staff in range of one another as they work to get the job done. 

With an IP67 Waterproof Rating and Die Cast Metal Frame, the MB400 is durable. It'll stand the test as employees complete hands-on work. Staff won't have to worry that an accidental drop will impact reliable communication. 

The MB400 also includes PC programming and radio to radio cloning features so those setting the business radios up for staff use can easily make sure everyone is set on the right channel and settings. 

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