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November 16, 2022

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to grab all your gifts for the loved ones in your life.

If you're looking for the perfect gift the skier or snowboarder, we've got you covered.

GXT1030VP4 Two-Way GMRS Radio

Communicating as you head down the slopes or make your way through the backcountry is key. The GXT1030VP4 has your loved one covered. 

With the same impressive range as the GXT1000, these GMRS walkie talkies give your adventurer reliable communication to navigate the slopes, ensuring they don't get lost or separated from others within their group.

With a bright yellow faceplate, the GXT1030 also features NOAA Weather Alert Radio to keep your skier or snowboarder alert if inclement weather is headed their way, including avalanche warnings. 

The GXT1030VP4 is also JIS4 waterproof so it can take splashes of water if snow continues to fall or your loved one takes a tumble down the slope.

Trust that communication will play an important role in your loved one's safety as they head out to enjoy the slope.


X-Talker T51X3VP3 Walkie Talkie Three Pack

Cellphone service could be limited or nonexistent as skiers and/or snowboarders as they head down a mountain. Make sure that communication isn't an after thought for them as they have fun in the outdoors.

With the T51X3VP3, you can rest easy knowing that your skier or snowboarder is able to give radios to those they're exploring with, so communication is a priority for everyone involved.  

With Xtreme Range Technology, the T51 walkie talkies will stretch your ability to communicate down the mountain with clear and crisp voice clarity. 

With Weather Scan technology, your skier or snowboarder will be able to access the latest weather information in case a storm heads their way. This gives them the time they need to seek shelter should inclement weather pop up. 

Should an emergency pop up on the slopes, it's key that explorers have a way to get ahold of someone while taking on the great outdoors. 


AVPH10 Shoulder Speaker Mic

Push to talk communication is a game changer on the slops. 

The AVPH10 Shoulder Speaker Mic attaches to Midland's handheld two-way radios and has a rotating clip for ease of use while on your shoulder. This is a perfect accessory to attach to a coat before hitting the slopes.

Plugging right into the microphone/headphone port on the walkie talkie, skiers and snowboarders alike won't have to reach to grab their walkie talkie. They can simply push the  PTT (push to talk) button on the side of the mic to send out their message. 

The AVPH10 Shoulder Speaker Mic makes reliable communication as easy as possible for outdoor adventurers.  


ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

The ER40 Emergency Crank Radio is a must-have item for any outdoor adventurer.

This emergency crank radio allows skiers and snowboarders to take preparedness into their own hands. Equipped with NOAA Weather Radio, users get the latest and most accurate information from the National Weather Service. This means time to seek shelter if conditions become too dangerous.

With several sources of power- rechargeable battery, solar, and a hand crank, those using the ER40 won't have to worry about missing important information while they enjoy the fresh powder. 

The ER40 comes packed with several other features including AM/FM Radio, a backlit LCD display, and a flashlight with SOS Strobe for navigating the dark. 

While cellphone service is often limited or nonexistent, the ER40 does have a port to charge your phone.

By gifting your skier or snowboarder the ER40, you're allowing them to pack preparedness in their bag so they can have the tools necessary to stay safe while still having fun. 

Midland "Est. 1959" Gray Hoodie

Give the skier or snowboarder in your life the gift of warmth.

Layers are key to staying warm on the slopes so the Midland "Est. 1959" Gray Hoodie is the perfect gift.

Midland's hoodie is sure to keep your loved on warm, but it's also breathable so it's comfortable to move around in. 


Midland Est. "1959" Crest Patch Black Beanie

Keeping your head warm is crucial to maintaining a comfortable and safe body temperature while you ski and snowboard.

Midland has you covered with our beanies.

Coming in black and Midland blue, these beanies are sure to keep your skier and snowboarder warm as they hit the slopes while looking great.

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