November 18, 2022

Holiday shopping is in full swing and Midland Radio is making it easier on you to find the perfect gift for your outdoor adventurer.

Whether they enjoy camping, hiking, mountain biking, etc. Midland Radio has you covered.

Shop our gift guide!


Take MicroMobile level communication wherever you go with the MXT500, the MXPW500 Ammo Can Base Station, and MXPW01 40 Watt Solar Panel.

With this base station set up, you won't have to worry about installing the MXT500 in your vehicle. Your outdoor adventurer will be able to take the base station in and out of the vehicle easily.

The MXT500 offers 50 Watts of power, making it the highest-powered radio allowed by law. This means extended range and voice clarity. The MXT500 is IP66 Waterproof so it's built to keep adventurers connected in all environments. Not only is this radio repeater capable, but it also features NOAA Weather Radio so you can trust your outdoor adventurer will get the latest, most accurate information straight from the National Weather Service to help keep them safe. 

With the MXPW500 Ammo Can Base Station, the MXT500 becomes even more mobile with incredible battery life due to its lithium ion battery. The base station comes in a genuine surplus ammo can that is waterproof and nearly crushproof, ensuring adventurers can take the MicroMobile with them to the most remote locations. 

When pairing the base station with the 40 Watt Solar Panel, adventurers can easily plug in the MicroMobile and charge it up while in the sun. It charges up the unit just as quickly as the AC adapter!

This base station set up is perfect for the RVer, camper, van lifer, hunter, etc. It's sure to make an exciting gift for your outdoor adventurer this holiday season.


X-Talker Extreme Dual Pack T77VP5

For simple, grab and go communication, the T77VP5 is great for adventurers hitting the trails, exploring campgrounds, or traveling between trips.

These walkie talkies have seriously impressive battery life and bring clear, crisp communication to any adventure.

With several accessories such as boom microphone headsets, rechargeable battery packs, desktop charger, and AC adapter, adventurers have everything they need for seamless communication.

The T77VP5 also includes a carrying case, making it easy for adventurers to keep track of and transport the walkie talkies and all the accessories this pack has to offer.


ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

Ensure your adventurer stays safe and alert when hitting the great outdoors.

The ER40 Emergency Crank Radio comes equipped with NOAA Weather Radio. This means they'll get the latest, most accurate alerts from the National Weather Service, keeping them up to date with any severe weather information. Having this information will give adventurers the time they need to seek shelter if need be.

With several sources of power including solar, rechargeable batteries, and a hand crank, the adventurer won't have to worry about losing access to this vital information and features as they explore the great outdoors.

The ER40 also features AM/FM radio, SOS strobe, flashlight, and wrist lanyard. 

Ensure your loved one's safety with this gift ahead of their adventures. 


Midland High Powered Joe Coffee

With Midland's High Powered Joe Coffee, outdoor adventurers have the opportunity to start their day on the right note.

This medium roast is blended in several different regions of Central America. It'll wake you up with fruity hints of sweet floral and bakers chocolate drizzle with caramel. 

Whether adventurers are brewing it up at home or in the outdoors, it's sure to help prepare them for the day ahead.

This coffee is also created with purpose. Midland Radio teamed up with Got Your Six Coffee Co. The net profits directly benefit EMTs, LEOs, firefighters, veterans, and their families.


Midland Radio "Est. 1959" Crest Tumbler

Perfect for keeping your coffee warm or beverages cool while adventuring, Midland's Tumbler is the perfect gift.

This 20 oz. stainless steel tumbler and lid is double wall copper vacuum insulated. It's sure to keep beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. 

This tumbler is the perfect gift for outdoor adventurers looking to stay energized and hydrated as they take on what nature has to offer. 


Midland Est. "1959" Crest Patch Hat

Keep your adventurer safe from the sun with this hat.

Outdoor adventurers can show their love for Midland while exploring the great outdoors and looking great.

It makes for the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season.

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