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March 07, 2023

Spring is just weeks away so now's the time to begin mapping out your adventures as warmer weather appears. 

Hiking is a great way to get exploring all the outdoors has to offer. 

Midland Radio has put together a list of hikes for you and the family to check out this spring and summer.

1. Pinnacle Peak, Arizona

Head to the beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona this spring to escape to warmer temperatures.

Pinnacle Peak is perfect for hikers of all levels of expertise. The trails are nicely groomed to make it as easy as possible for visitors to trek through the Arizona desert while taking in show stopping views of the McDowell Mountains, Four Peaks, Granite Mountain, and Cone Mountains.

Along the hike you'll encounter desert wildlife, views that will take your breath away, and opportunities to do a little climbing. 

The hike won't take you all day as the loop is three and a half miles there and back!


2.  Cascade Mountain, New York

Looking to introduce your (age appropriate) adventurous kids to hiking? This hike in the Cascade Mountains near Keene, New York is a great place to start. 

Set in the Adirondacks of norther New York,  this hike is easily accessible to families and is visited year-round. However, the hike is likely to begin getting a tad busier in late spring. 

Experts say this 4.8 mile hike takes an average of two hours to complete. The trail will take its visitors through what experts say is pretty moderate terrain. 

Along the way, hikers can stop to catch their breath and take in 360 degree views. At about 1.8 miles in, visitors can catch their breath as they find an open ledge overlooking the Algonquin, Colden, and Marcy Mountains.

While this is a good introductory hike for adventurous kids, make sure to watch your footing when you reach the summit.However, you'll be treated to sights of what feels like continuous mountains!

3. Upper Yosemite Falls, California

Everything about Yosemite National Park is iconic and this hike is no exception. 

With 10 signature waterfalls, Yosemite Falls is divided into three different sections- upper, middle cascade, and lower falls. The lower falls tend to be the busiest and most popular, but the upper falls bring 360-degree views.

In order to reach those rewarding views, hikers will encounter some challenging terrain. To get the full effect, they'll also have to conquer any fears to step onto a small platform near the mouth of the falls at the top of the hike. Once on the platform, hikers can take in a spectacular sight, straight down in the gorgeous waterfalls. 

This once-in-a-lifetime hike is 7.6 miles round trip and isn't for beginners as difficulty wise it's ranked as, "strenuous and steep with many switchbacks." 

The views are worth it, but those taking on the terrain should plan for a hike that is anywhere from six to 10 hours long. Make sure you pack plenty of water and don't stray from the path.

The best time of year to set out on this hike is anytime there is water in Yosemite which is typically April through June.


4. Lady Bird Johnson Grove, California

Situated within Redwood National Park, this hike takes you through some of the tallest trees in the United States. 

Lady Bird Johnson Grove is a popular, 1.5 mile trail. It is found in the upland part of the park and comes in at 1,200 feet above sea level. 

This moderate walk is great for the whole family as you'll escape to a hike that is without noisy traffic, beginning at the footbridge of the parking lot at the Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center. 

Weave your way through these colorful, historical trees while stopping along at marked posts that can be found in the hike's brochure. 

Grab the whole family and head out for an adventure that will bring memories for a lifetime.


5. Wapsipinicon State Park, Iowa

We know what you're thinking, Iowa? Cornfields cover about 90% of the land throughout the state.

However, this hike takes its adventurers to a little slice of heaven in the Midwest.

Located near Anamosa, Iowa, this hike within Wapsipinicon State Park is a 1.4 mile trail weaving you through a beautiful nature landscape, taking you along the riverbank. 

Families can take their kids exploring as the park's caves are open to the public. Be sure to check out the bowl-shaped Horse Thief Cave and the Ice Cave. Streams along the way are the perfect opportunity for kids to stop and splash. 

Hikers should be aware that they may encounter deer, native wild turkeys, and beavers working on their dams. 

The park is home to more than three miles of trails through wooded areas and open grass prairies. 


X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio

Before you head out on the trails, ensure you have a way to keep in touch in case your group gets separated or wants to split up as you adventure.

The great thing about these spectacular hikes is they bring amazing views. However, in order to get there, you usually are off-grid with limited to no cellphone service. Midland's T71 walkie talkies are the perfect solution. 

The T71s walkie talkies bring clear and reliable communication to any adventure.

With impressive battery life, you won't have to worry about losing contact with those in your group. These walkie talkies are easy to charge as they come with a desktop charger, AC wall adapter, and micro-USB charging cable.

Midland's T71 walkie talkies are easy to use and fit perfectly in your backpack or clip right on with their belt clips. 

Ensure safety by knowing you have communication you can count on.



Midland ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

Safety is always the number one priority when embarking on any outdoor adventure. Midland's ER40 should be part of that plan.

This emergency crank NOAA Weather Radio will bring you the latest information straight from the National Weather Service. This way you'll know if you need to rethink your hike for the day or turnaround to seek shelter if inclement weather pops up.

With a flashlight and SOS strobe, the ER40 will help light the way and guide you through low-light areas. 

Midlands ER40 Emergency Crank Radio is fit for any adventure with multiple sources of power- solar, hand crank, and a lithium rechargeable battery. 

Not only does this radio come with a wrist lanyard, but it's also the perfect size to fit in your backpack without taking up too much space.

Take preparedness into your own hands with Midland's ER40 as you head out the door for some truly magical hikes.


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