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January 09, 2024

Midland donated handheld GMRS two-way radios to a Tennessee off-road event of Cruisers on the Rocks.

The event organizer caught up with Midland about the importance of Midland GMRS two-way radios on the trails.


Crusiers on the Rocks brought together 100 Land Cruisers October 26-29, 2023 at Windrock Park in Tennessee. 

“We are an event that caters to 100 and 200 Series Toyota Landcruisers which is actually a newer Land Cruiser. They’re all within 25 years of age," Lee Sumner said. 

Sumner said theCruisers on the Rocks event is all about building a community and getting to know more

“I just love meeting all the new people. It’s nice to be able to give people the opportunity to get out on the trails with their trucks and do things that they probably would not otherwise do on their own. We’re able to teach people just how capable these vehicles are. We want to give them the confidence to get outdoors.”

The event caps registration at 100 vehicles, but this year about 200 people attended.

“One of the things that we do differently that makes us special is, we want to give the event an intimate feel. We don’t want to go any larger because then you start losing that small feel where people can get to know each other, the vendors that attend, and the sponsors.”




Sumner said GMRS two-way radios bring seamless communication to the event.

“Trail communications are very important for safety reasons. It’s also informative. As we do these rides, our tail leaders know the area, know historical facts, and things that may need to be pointed out to them along the way for safety. Trail communications also keep the groups together. When you’re doing an event like we are, the groups get spread out. With GMRS, it’s not ever to a point where you don’t have crystal clear communication. It’s affordable, it’s easy."

For Cruisers on the Rocks, Sumner said GMRS makes most sense and is encouraging others to switch from CB to GMRS two-way radios.

“GMRS doesn’t take tuning like CB or some other radios. It’s very simple for everyone to get into and it gives everyone crystal clear communication. We love it.”

He couldn't imagine the event running as smoothly as it does without GMRS two-way radios. 

“I couldn’t imagine us using anything else. We’ve been using GMRS for several years."



Sumner's first learned of Midland GMRS two-way radios at an off-road event years ago.

“I heard about Midland at other events. I think my first introduction to Midland was going to an event where others were running Midland’s GMRS two-way radios. They worked great and people were talking about how great Midland is. I simply learned about it through our Land Cruiser community.”

Now, he uses Midland's MXT400 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio

“In my truck, I use an MXT400 and we also use handhelds. They come in clutch and important when our trail leaders need to spot someone through a tricky obstacle or a tricky place with their truck. By having the MicroMobile® in the vehicle and the handheld when they need to jump out for help, it just works great and is so seamless.”

Midland's two-way radios have been reliable, bringing crystal clear communication to every adventure. 

"With reliable communication, we never have to worry about a problem.”

For him, he appreciates the ease of use.

“I can’t say enough about how easy to use Midland’s GMRS two-way radios are. They are simple and just always get the job done."


Midland donated GMRS two-way radios to the event's raffle.

“Donations for the raffles are huge. It’s one of our most anticipated nights. It always brings a smile to the winners’ faces of course, but we also get the opportunity to introduce people to new technology and items they might not be aware of, like GMRS two-way radios," Sumner said.

The proceeds from the raffle go towards giving back to the outdoor community. 

“Our raffle proceeds go to a trail clean up day that we do in the spring. We will move to a different part of the country or a different national forest. We cook for those people that join us, we have drinks for everybody, and we just have a party.”

Sumner said the trail clean up is crucial to the group's mission. 

“It’s great for the community, it’s great for the environment, it means the world to us.”

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