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June 07, 2022

School's out and that means it's time for some fun in the sun.

Wherever your outdoor adventures take you this summer, it's important you're prepared ahead of time.

Whether you're hiking, camping, RV'ing, off-roading, Midland Radio has you covered.

Check out our list of must-have items for summer adventures.

Luno® Car Camping Gear

The adventure outdoors doesn't have to end when night falls. 

Whether it's your van or overlanding vehicle, Luno® has everything you need to comfortably camp out in your vehicle.

Luno®'s air mattresses are designed to fit perfectly in your car, truck, van, and 4Runner. 

Camping has never been easier with these air mattresses that have a pack-down size that fits into your carry-on luggage. 

The company has everything you need for a comfortable camp with accessories like privacy curtains, window screens, camping fans, mattress sheets, and cordless pumps.

Shopping for the right air mattress is simple as Luno® has you plug in your vehicle's make, model, and year.

Convenient camping has never been more comfortable as you explore the great outdoors. 

Outdoor Products

Lugging your gear around on a hike, bike ride, or off-road experience is made effortless with Outdoor Products' products.

Outdoor Products have day packs for all your gear on quick hike with the kids, frame packs for a longer trek through the mountains, hydration packs to make sure you're getting enough water, and more.

When heading out on an adventure, it's important you have everything you need. Outdoor Products makes it possible for you to keep that with you, no matter where your adventure takes you.

KUHL Clothing

Whether you're traveling, hiking, off-roading, camping, or fishing, KUHL has the right clothing to keep you comfortable, protected, and looking your best on your adventure.

KUHL clothing is built for the outdoors with rain jackets, UV protection fabric in some items, hiking pants, quick dry shorts, and more adventure ready options. 

This clothing is designed to move with you as you explore the most remote locations or take the family on a trip to a National Park. 

Blue Coolers

Keeping your food and drink cool is a must when adventuring in the summer.

If you're spending a day in the car off-roading, road tripping in the RV, out on the boat, or camping, Blue Coolers has you covered.  

With different styles and sizes, you can choose the best cooler for your adventure.

Blue Coolers has hard shell and soft shell options, fit for whatever your adventure.

KC Cattle Co.

Be it a cookout at home or at a campground, KC Cattle Co., a veteran-owned and operated wagyu beef operation, has the tastiest hot dogs sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Voted Best Hot Dog in the World by Food and Wine, these uncured beef hot dogs will take your outdoor cookouts to a new level.

X-Talker T51VP3 Walkie Talkies

Midland's T51 walkie talkies are perfect for any adventure, especially with the family.

These walkie talkies bring clear reception and clear transmission. 

The T51s are perfect for communicating around the campsite, splitting up to take on different adventures, backing in the RV, and more.

With these walkie talkies you won't have to skip a beat when it comes to your communication. With push to talk, communication has never been easier or more reliable, especially when you have little to no cellphone service. 

With a maximum range of 28 miles, you won't have to worry about losing communication with your loved ones. 

These license free FRS radios make staying in touch fun. Not to mention, these walkie talkies are also compatible with all of Midland's GMRS MicroMobiles if you're out off-roading on the trails.

LXADD Dual Pin Car Charger

If you and your family are avid explorers, keeping your walkie talkies powered up is a must.

After a long day hiking in a National Park or navigating obstacles on the off-roading trails, the LXADD is perfect for you. 

This DC car adapter will charge two of your walkie talkies at a time. 

You don't want to take risks when it comes to your safety and communication so having an easy, quick way to get your handheld two-way radios charged is important. 

Simply plus this charger into your vehicle's DC adapter and begin fueling up those walkie talkies with the juice you need to continue your adventure.

ER50 E+Ready® Emergency Weather Alert Crank Radio

Safety shouldn't be an after thought when planning your fun summer adventure. 

Outdoor adventurers are constantly at the mercy of Mother Nature and you never know when severe weather may pop up. 

Luckily, Midland's ER50 emergency radio will keep you alert when that happens. Getting official and fast updates from the National Weather Service gives you the time you need should seeking shelter be necessary. 

This AM/FM emergency radio also comes equipped with a clock and has multiple power sources. With this radio, you won't have to fret over receiving alerts because you can power it up with a solar panel, hand crank, and rechargeable battery.

If you find yourself in the dark outdoors while camping, the ER50 also has a flashlight that will help you safely navigate low-light spaces. 

No matter where and what your adventure may be, go prepared and ready for any emergency with the ER50.

Midland High Powered Joe Coffee

Chase the sun full of energy.

There's no better way to start your morning than with a cup of Midland's coffee.

Midland teamed up with Got Your Six Coffee Co. to bring a blend that brings fruity hints and bakers chocolate drizzled with caramel. Not to mention, this coffee is roasted with purpose. The net profits of Got Your Six Coffee Co. directly benefit EMTs, LEOs, firefighters, veterans, and their families. 

Whether you're hitting the trails, around the campfire, or at home, this delicious brew is the tastiest way to get your caffeine. 

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