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March 23, 2023

Kick off planting season with the help of Midland Radio.

Midland Radio is a proud partner of several farmers and has put a list together of those you should make sure you're following on Instagram this planting season! 

Larson Farms

Check out this fifth-generation farm located in central Minnesota.


Brians Farming Videos

Brian is a fourth-generation farmer in southern Ohio. Follow along as he takes you through his daily life as a farmer.


Cole the Cornstar

Cole the Cornstar takes his followers on his journey as he learns the ropes to farming. He's a fourth-generation farmer in central Iowa.


Todd Westerfeld 

Todd is a fifth-generation family farmer in Moody, Texas, just outside of Waco.


Andy Dole

Andy takes his followers with him as he works to overcome challenges as a farmer in South-Central-Illinois. His challenges include erratic weather, inconvenient breakdowns, and everything in between.

View this profile on Instagram

Andy Dole (@atrippyfarmer) • Instagram photos and videos


Peterson Farm Bros

The Peterson Farm Bros are fifth-generation family farmers in Kansas. The brothers are well-known for their farm-focused parody music videos.


Riley Slivka

Slivka might not work full-time on his family farm, but he does travel from operation to operation as he owns his own rural-focused video production company in Montana.


Kip Siegler

Siegler shares his life on the farm with his followers. He's a third-generation dairy and crop farmer in Michigan.


Farm Focused

 Follow Farm Focused for a look at the brands and gears they trust the most in the farming industry.

View this profile on Instagram

Farm Focused (@farmfocused) • Instagram photos and videos


Casey Briggs

Based in Northeast South Dakota, Briggs is a crop farmer sharing his life on the farm with his followers.

View this profile on Instagram

Casey (@briggsc1992) • Instagram photos and videos


Paul Sip

Based in Minnesota, Sip raises corn, soybeans, sugar beets, and wheats.


Kayla Wieczorek

Wieczorek shares her experiences- both good and bad as a first-generation farmer. She farms both hay and cattle.


NY Farm Girls

These three sisters work to advocate for agriculture on social media. Based in New York, they work on their family's dairy and crop farm.



Level up communication on the farm with Midland.

Get $100 off $500 this planting season beginning March 15, 2023. 

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