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July 19, 2022

While summer is still in full swing, you'll need to get to planning the perfect summer getaway sooner rather than later.

With Midland Radio's ties to the overlanding space, we've put together a list of some of our favorite overlanding trails you should check out before the end of the summer. 

1. The Mojave Road, California

Roughly 150 miles long, the Mojave Road is a historic off-roading route that is a must for passionate overlanders.

This east-west route covers the desert between the Colorado River and the Mojave River near Wilmington, Los Angeles, California.

If you're looking to take on the entire width of the road, you should plan for three days of adventure. 

This historic route really takes its adventurers back in time with effectively no improvements since its inception as a Native American trade route over 150 years ago.

You'll enter the part near Piute Spring on the east side and on Soda Dry Lake near Zzyzx on the west. 

Since you'll need to take a few days to complete the trail, there are places to stop for undeveloped camping along the route. There aren't registration fees and campsites are first come first serve. 

Outdoor adventurers will get to take in gorgeous desert views and Joshua tree-lined routes.


2. The Rubicon Trail, California

The legendary Rubicon Trail should be on the bucket list of every off-roader or overlander. 

Known for its ruggedness and versatility, there's terrain fit for beginners or experts. However, you shouldn't discount how dangerous and difficult the trail is. 

While it's one of the most popular trails for off-roaders, it's still worth the trip and not overrated in the slightest. 

The trail leads from Georgetown to Lake Tahoe. It has 22 miles of non-maintained roads cutting through the Sierra Nevada and portions of the Eldorado National Forest. 

Throughout the trail you'll get to take in the spectacular panoramic views of boulders, interlocking flat stone, and trees. 

Many people consider this the most difficult OHV (off-road highway vehicle) route in the United States.

Experienced off-roaders should plan their trip here ASAP!

3. Black Bear Pass, Colorado

Bringing the best views of Bridal Falls and Telluride, the Black Bear Pass is one of the highest mountain passes in the state of Colorado.

This trail is not for the timid as it promises steep descents with daring switchbacks and loose falling rock. 

Those experienced off-roaders looking for a challenge will get to take in the beautiful sights and very narrow passageways. Along the drive you'll see two waterfalls.

Because of weather conditions, the complete route will only be open for a few weeks from late summer through the early fall.  

As one of the most treacherous trails, only experienced off-roaders should consider taking on the Black Bear Pass. However, no matter how experienced you are, proceed with caution. 

4. Valley of Gods Road, Utah

With legendary rock formations, vast vistas, and quiet, you can travel along the Valley of the Gods via a 17-mile gravel road. 

The road will bring you through the red sandstone formations with dispersed camping spots throughout the valley.

While this road only takes one to three hours to travel, you should plan on much longer in order to fully appreciate the views as you make your way through the valley. The road promises a few sharp turns and potential water crossings.

The best time to visit the Valley of the Gods Road is April through November. 

Make sure to check in with the Bureau of Land Management in order to ensure you have the right weather conditions for the trip.

5. South Core Banks, North Carolina

Roughly 20 miles, this route is on the island of South Core Banks.

Once on the island, you'll find untouched and undeveloped trails and paths. Many call it a playground for overlanding phenoms. 

While it's considered a lot less challenging than the Rubicon Trial and Black Bear Pass, it's still worth a trip and far from boring. 

You will have to take a ferry to get to the island so it's definitely not cheap to get to. However, once you're there you can explore the beaches with 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Those visiting should have the opportunity to take swims along the beach, visit the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, stop by the Cape Lookout Village Historic Visit, and much more.

Though it might not be full of rocky obstacles, the trail should be added to your overlanding wish list. 


Communication is vital to any off-roading or ovlerlanding trip.

Two-way radios bring reliable communication you can count on. 

Whether Midland Radio is keeping you connected for safety or fun, here's a list of our must-have overlanding items to bring with you on all your adventures.

MXT575 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio

While some of these trails will take you to the edge, this MicroMobile two-way radio will stretch your communication to new lengths.

With 50 Watts of power, the MXT575 doesn't crowd your dash. Because of its Fully-Integrated Control Microphone, you can hide it away in your center console, under the driver or passenger seat, and in the glove box. 

Midland's MXT575 is the highest powered radio allowed by law so it will bring clear communication in densely wooded areas like along the Black Bear Pass.

Since the MXT575 is compatible with all Midland's FRS and GRMS two-way radios, you can hand a set of walkie talkies to your fellow adventurers who may not have a radio or who might jump out of the vehicle to help you navigate a difficult obstacle.

If you're an overlanding enthusiasts, gear up with Midland's strongest radio, fit for the most rugged of environments. 

GXT1000VP4 Two-Way GMRS Radio

Wether you're in or out of the vehicle, the GXT1000VP4 brings powerful, reliable communication straight to your fingertips.

The GXT1000 GMRS two-way radios are boosted with our Xtreme Range Technology, reaching up to 36 miles in range. 

While you can grab these for inside your rig, they pair great with any of Midland's MicroMobile® two-way radios. Set up the MicroMobile® in your vehicle and use these handheld GMRS two-way radios outside to help the driver take on the most daring of obstacles on these famous trails. 

Not to mention, the GXT1000 is JIS4 waterproof, NOAA Weather Alert Radio, and an SOS Siren. 

Along with the two walkie talkies, you'll get belt clips, a desktop charger, rechargeable battery pack, AC adapter, DC adapter, and a pair of boom mic headsets.

MXTARM8 Suction Cup Walkie Talkie Mount

Mount and grab your two-way handheld walkie talkies easily ahead of your next adventure.

This non-permanent radio mount is compatible with all Midland Walkie talkies and attaches easily to any window in your vehicle. 

Grab one of these mounts to complete your rig before you head on one of these trails.

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