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August 17, 2023

Harvest season has arrived and Midland Radio is celebrating its agriculture partners.

Take a look at just a few of our favorite farmers to follow on Youtube. Midland's partners bring entertainment, helpful tips, and important agriculture information. 


This is fifth generation corn and soybean farm located in west central Minnesota. Larson Farms works to respect and improve the land they farm while simultaneously sharing their love of agriculture.



Brian is a fourth generation farmer based out of southern Ohio. Originally, he started his Youtube channel to record and save memories from daily life and farm activities. However, that evolved into vlogs. Through his videos, Brian has discovered his love for educating and sharing with people the daily ups and downs that farmers and their families experience.



This group of three brothers are fifth generation farmers in Kansas. They work on the farm with their parents and wives. Not only do they make fun parody music videos, but they also love giving a glimpse into normal, day to day life as a family farm.



A fourth generation farmer from Iowa, Cole hopes to use his channel to educate the world about, "what it actually takes to feed the world." As a young farmer, he shares both his failure and successes with his viewers.



Field Rows follows a peanut and cotton operation in North Florida. Larry McArthur started the farm in 1974 and his son, Randy works as the manager. Follow along as they take you along on fun adventures around the farm.



These three sisters help run their family farm in Upstate NY. They have a 2,100 acre operation with 1,200 dairy cows and crops. They share their farming experience in Upstate New York while advocating for agriculture on a larger scale.



Riley Slivka's channel brings cinematic and education storytelling to rural America and beyond. Through AgriStudios he brings breathtaking video he's collaborated on with farmers, ranchers, and brands from all over. He'll even share a glimpse of life on his family's farm in Central Montana with truly impressive views and scenery. 

AgriStudios is bringing cinematic and educational storytelling to rural America and beyond. Follow Riley as he works with awesome farmers, ranchers, and brands from across North America. Occasionally, we head up to his family's farm up in Central Montana to catch a glimpse at day-to-day operations and incredible scenery.



This farmer takes his followers along with him with videos about tractors, tool reviews, how-to videos, equipment reviews, and tips + tricks. He's based in the mountains of North Carolina with a small farm.



On this channel, follow a small family farm with 100 acres of land in Texas County, Missouri. Founded in 2013, the family raises hair sheep for meat while their kids raise chickens, sell eggs, and chicks as well. The military has moved this family all over the place, but they found their home and hope to share their adventures, learning curves, celebrations, and sorrows on the farm.



Based in Missouri, Kayla Wieczorek takes her followers along with her on her daily life on the farm. She runs a hay and cattle operation.



Midland Radio is offering its Harvest Season promotion beginning August 1 and ending October 1, 2023.

When you spend $500 or more, you get $100 off. 

Check out our Agriculture page for the best two-way radios for the farm.

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