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September 24, 2021

With Summer in full swing, many are mapping out their adventures in the Great Outdoors. For many, that means camping. However, some prefer the comfort of an RV over a tent.

According to KOA’s 2021 North American Camping Report, approximately 13 million households own an RV, an all time high.

To celebrate National Camping Month, we’ve put together a list of things you should do before hitting the road and campsite in your RV.

Make Sure the Park is RV-Friendly

Most parks allow RV’s, but there are some with strict guidelines. There are sometimes length restrictions or areas where RVs might not be allowed to drive. It’s also imperative you make sure to look into hookups ahead of time. Not all RVs are created equally and the same goes for amenities at campgrounds across the country.


Reserve Your Spot Ahead of Time

You’re not the only one heading out on RV adventures this summer so guarantee you have a spot at the campground when you and your loved ones arrive. KOA found that RV ownership is up 12% since 2019, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 58% of new campers are interested in RV camping so the earlier you plan, the better. Depending on the park, spots could be very limited.


Prepare For an Emergency

Nothing hinders an outdoor adventure like severe weather, but in case of an emergency it’s important you’re ready for everything. Secure your Midland ER310 E+Ready. Emergency Crank Weather Radio. Keeping your friends and family is surely your number one priority so grab this NOAA Weather Radio to keep you aware of weather headed your way. It’s also the perfect tool to use to charge your USB compatible devices. The radio also has a flashlight, a helpful tool for when you’re exploring under the stars.


Stay Connected

Sometimes, it’s okay to split up and enjoy different parts of your home away from home. However, make sure you’re able to communicate even if you don’t have cell service. Grab a set of walkie talkies and the Midland MXT275VP4 MicroMobile Bundle. This radio will triple the range of your handheld walkie talkies.  The roll bar mount will make it easy for you to install the MicroMobile to your RV. Ensuring you have radios will make it easier to stay in touch while you embark on different adventures throughout your trip.


Enjoy the Outdoors

Most importantly, have fun. Many campsites across the country have access to trails sure to get you up and moving through some of nature’s most beautiful parks. Check out some of the most scenic spots across the United States here.

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