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October 07, 2021

Battery Park Off-Road is the ultimate place to enjoy fast-paced fun. You can take family and friends to ride motorcycles, ATVs, jeeps, and quads along the numerous winding trails.

If you plan to visit Battery Park Off-Road, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of quality two-way radios. The park is vast, with around 34 miles of enduro-style trails through the woods. Two-way radios can help you communicate quickly and easily with people in your group, so nobody gets lost, and you don’t lose valuable riding time.

What Can You Do at Battery Park Off-Road?

Battery Park Off-Road is an off-road park for motorcycles, ATVs, jeeps, and quads. The park is located near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and offers various tracks, trails, and tours.

The 34 miles of track are arrowed in one direction, so you can ride the full park without repeating the same trails. Battery Park Off-Road also offers 4 MX tracks, including Big MX, Vet SuperCross, kids only MX track, and GP track. Finally, the park also has 3 side-by-side jeep and quad loops.

You need to stay at Battery Park Off-Road for at least a couple of days to fully explore all the trails. The park offers affordable tent and RV camping sites near the riding tracks and trails. There are also full RV hookups (water and power), hot and cold food concession stands, and a bathhouse for those staying at the camp.

If you don’t have your own gear or have forgotten anything, the park also offers full protection gear rentals, including goggles, chest protectors, helmets, boots, gloves, pants, and much more. They also offer vehicle rentals if you don’t have your own motorbike or ATV. And in case you want to purchase some gear, Battery Park Off-Road has a full accessory gear pro-shop with everything you need.

Fees at Battery Park Off-Road

Battery Park Off-Road has a basic ride fee of $25 for ages nine and older. The fee for eight-year-olds and under is $15. Minors must provide a signed waiver by the parents or legal guardian to be allowed to ride.

If you want to rent a vehicle, a 90-minute ATV rental costs $150. There’s no security deposit needed, and the fee includes a guided tour of the park and a helmet. If you are renting an ATV for a full day, it includes a helmet and the full-day ride fee. For full-day ATV rentals, a $500 security deposit is required.

Adult motorcycle rentals are $150 with fuel and ride fee included, in addition to a $50 security deposit. Youth motorcycle rentals are $90, no helmet included, but you can rent one for a fee.

Individual camping costs $10 a night, and camper rental equipment for 8 people is $65 a night. If you want to stay at the park with an RV, full hookups cost $35 a night.

Radios You Should Bring to Battery Park Off-Road

The X-Talker T71VP3 Two-way radio is a great option for riding motorcycles around a large park. With 15 hours of battery and a range of 38 miles, it is perfect for the trails of Battery Park Off-Road .

Clear audio and easy button access ensure that you’ll be able to communicate easily and effectively while riding through the park without compromising your handling or ride stability. These X-Talker radios also come with NOAA Weather Alert and Weather Scan technology, helping you avoid getting caught in the rain if you are at the far edges of the park.

For large groups of more than 6 riders, you should have at least 3 walkie talkies. If you lose each other in the park, you’ll be able to regroup quickly. The X-Talker T51X3VP3 Walkie Talkie Three Pack offers 3 quality radios with a range of 28 miles, 22 different channels, and the Midland Weather Alert technology.

If you plan on riding for long hours at Battery Park, you might need something a little more rugged. The GXT1050VP4 two-way radio set comes with JIS4 Waterproof protection, perfect for resisting rain and splashes while riding your motorcycle. These walkie talkies have a 36-mile range and come with a 3-year warranty.

Enjoy Riding at Battery Park Off-Road

Battery Park Off-Road is a great place to discover for motorcycle, ATV, jeep, and quad lovers. The park is open from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM on weekends. If you visit during the week, call the phone number (843)-319-3504 to make an appointment.

Before heading out on your off-road adventure, explore the full selection of two-Way radios at Midland Radio to find the ideal model for your biking trip.

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