September 24, 2021

Midland's MicroMobiles have impressive range, but you can extend that by adding an antenna. They are intended to be attached to the your vehicle's roof, trunk, or any similar location.

Check out this installation of our MXT275 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio and ghost antenna.


    1. Avoid metal surfaces covered by fiberglass or vinyl. This might affect your radio range
    2. Mount the antenna as high as possible on the vehicle. The higher, the better
    3. Mount the antenna in the center of whatever surface you choose
    4. Make sure the mounting location will allow for the connection of the cable. The antenna cable is 19.7 feet (six meters) long
    5. Ensure the antenna location is clean and dry before mounting
    6. Route the antenna cable through an accessible entry point like a rear door or trunk opening
    7. When routing the antenna cable inside the vehicle, keep the cable away from noise sources. That includes the ignition system, gauges, etc.
    8. Exercise care to prevent cable damage. Make use of existing gaskets, grommets, and weather stripping to protect the cable along its route


When it comes to CB radio antenna installation, you can mount an antenna inside a hard top Jeep because the hard top is made out of fiberglass. Fiberglass does not interfere with the radio frequency and it will seem like the antenna is outside of the vehicle. This is a great option to protect the antenna by having it inside the car, but will not mess up the connection.


Midland Radio offers a wide-variety of antennas sure to fit your needs and extend your communication range.

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