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February 22, 2023

Midland Radio strives to inspire connection through communication across all adventures.

The company launched a Facebook group for Midland Radio product owners. 


Midland Radio started a Facebook Group for those who own its products.

The goal is to give owners the ability to connect with one another.

Midland Radio hopes the group allows owners to ask questions, talk all things GMRS, share product knowledge, discuss new products, and bond over their love of two-way radios. 

"Our whole goal at Midland is to bring people together through adventure so we wanted to give our customers the space to connect with one another over their shared interest in two-way radios." 


Midland Radio's walkie talkies bring clear, crisp, reliable communication straight to your hands. 

With walkie talkie options that are both FRS and GMRS two-way radios, users can communicate in and out of their vehicles, no matter where their adventures take them.

All of Midland Radio's walkie talkies are compatible with one another and each of Midland's MicroMobile products.



Take communication even further with Midland's MicroMobile GMRS two-way radios. 

Whether you're in need of a base station or mounted two-way radio for your vehicle, Midland's MicroMobiles bring triple the power of typical handheld two-way radios. 

Midland's MicroMobiles range in power from 5 Watts, 15 Watts, 40 Watts, and the maximum power of 50 Watts. Some of Midland's MicroMobiles even feature a fully-integrated microphone. 

Pair these MicroMobiles with a set of walkie talkies to transform communication wherever you are.



Keep yourself and those you love safe by making preparedness a priority. Midland's NOAA Weather Radios and emergency radios are crucial to taking preparedness into your own hand.

Whether you're looking for a more "permanent" NOAA Weather Radio for your home or for something you can easily carry with you, Midland has you covered.

The WR120, WR400, and WR300 are perfect for keeping at your home. Program these radios to make sure alerts are tailored to your home location. Midland's NOAA Weather Radios will immediately alert users after the National Weather Service issues an alert. This gives families the time needed to put their emergency/severe weather plan into action and seek safety.

The ER310, ER210, ER10VP, and the ER40 are useful solutions if you're someone who might have to evacuate your home, on a road trip, camping, hiking, otherwise exploring the outdoors. Featuring NOAA Weather Radio, these emergency radios don't require programming and will bring you necessary weather information for the area you're in. 



Midland's two-way radios and emergency radios are fit for any adventure.

Be it hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, off-roading, skiing, snowboarding, farming, and more, Midland has its customers' backs. 

In fact, Midland customers can even shop for products by activity on the site. 

When cellphone service is unavailable or spotty, Midland's two-way radios are there to provide reliable, clear communication.

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