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March 15, 2018

Imagine you’re sitting against a tree in the cold early dawn hours, listening to your surroundings chirp and rustle to life, and watching the woods thaw from the morning sun’s first rays of warmth.

Now imagine your gear. Do you have the right camo to make sure you're not heard or seen by your target?


The Right Mossy Oak Camo is Key for Turkey Hunting

Wild turkeys have excellent sight and hearing, be prepared with the right Mossy Oak Camo. 



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The Obsession by Mossy Oak was designed with turkey hunters in mind. The pattern utilizes realistic graphics of tree bark, limb, and foliage in true-to-nature colors. Using bright green oak leaf designs, this pattern was specifically created for Spring turkey season. As the official camo of the National Wild Turkey Federation, a portion of all Obsession sales goes to the NWTF to support wild turkey conservation.

With the highest hunting success rate in the Mossy Oak line, it's no surprise the Obsession is the top pick among turkey hunters.


Break-Up Country

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Photo-real graphics, varying depths, and realistic color tones make Break-up Country versatile enough to use for any hunting season and across the country -- making it America's #1 camo. The design breaks up your silhouette so you can disappear into terrain fooling even the keenest gobbler.

As the exclusive radio partner with Mossy Oak, Midland offers a variety of two way radios with the Break-Up Country pattern.



The Bottomland line is the classic Mossy Oak Camo pattern. This timeless design has proven successful for decades. Whether you're in flooded woodlands or shadowy thick timber, this pattern will break up your outline with field-proven colors and shapes.



Using the proven success of the Break-Up Country pattern and adding a black overlay, Mossy Oak has designed the first ever camo exclusively for hunting in a ground blind. The new and innovative Eclipse line when used with a blind allows hunters outlines and movements to be virtually undetectable.

With enough skill, patience, and luck you'll have a successful hunt this season -- but with the right camo, you may just increase your chances.

- Kayla Haas, Midland Adventures Contributor

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