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November 07, 2023

The holidays are right around the corner and now is the perfect time to find a gift for your loved one.

Shop Midland's Holiday Gift Guide for the Farmer.

MXR500AG MicroMobile Repeater Bundle

Level up and reach maximum power with Midland's MXR500AG MicroMobile Repeater Bundle.

This bundle includes two MXT500s, two MXTA24 Low Profile Antenna Cables, two MXTA23 Roll Bar/Mirror Mounting Brackets, and two MicroMobile MXTA25 3dB Gain Ghost Antennas.

The two MXT500s pack a serious range punch with 50 Watts of power. That's the maximum power allowed by law.

In conjunction with the MicroMobile, the repeater acts like a middle man, allowing unprecedented range. One radio will hit the repeater, the transmission will bounce off the repeater, and then hit the other radio. This is perfect for big pieces of land like farms and ranches.

The bundle also includes everything you need for a seamless installation including the cable for the antennas, the antenna mounting bracket, and antennas themselves.

Set up your farmer for planting season success by ensuring they have everything they need for reliable communication.


MXT115AGVP3 MicroMobile® Farm Tractor Bundle

Clear, crisp, and reliable communication.

This bundle has everything your farmer needs for quick and easy communication.

Including Midland's MXT115 MicroMobile®, a 15 Watt GMRS powerhouse, this radio brings up to three times the power of traditional CB radios. The MXT115 is compatible with all of Midland's FRS/GMRS walkie talkies, includes NOAA Weather Radio, and USB-C fast charging.

Other items in the bundle include the XTA24 Low Profile Antenna Cable,MXTA23 Roll Bar/Mirror Mounting Bracket, and MicroMobile MXTA25 3dB Gain Ghost Antenna.This makes for a super quick installation that will maximize communication output, leading to excellent efficiency on the farm.

Bring your farmer safety, reliability, and efficiency this holiday season.


X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio

With Midland's walkie talkies, your farmer can easily communicate in and out of the vehicle.

Safely navigate the farm with these highly popular walkie talkies that boast seriously impressive battery life.

The walkies are compatible with all of Midland's FRS and GMRS two-way radios so they are perfect for keeping in touch with those using MicroMobiles in different farm vehicles.

Other features include clear and crisp communication with easy-button access, Xtreme Range, 121 privacy codes, Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan, and more.

Know your farmer is safe and always reachable with these walkie talkies fit to clip onto their belt. 


MXMCBK Retractable Microphone Tether

Coming in at only $29.99, this MicroMobile accessory brings communication that is easily accessible.

Farmers can keep their MicroMobile mic out of the way, but grab when they're ready to talk, clearing up space in the cab.

It's made from high quality kevlar and super easy to install.


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