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November 22, 2019

If you’re big into hunting, or just enjoy the pictures, these are the fierce female hunters that you NEED to add to your Insta feed. Not only will these fierce ladies fill your timeline with pictures and words of wisdom, but they will inspire you!  You’ll also be supporting the rise of women in hunting!  

When we cheer each other on and support hunting and habitat conservation, it’s a win for everyone. Instagram is a wonderful place for us to see new hunting opportunities, share tips, and connect with other women as we do what we love. Check out our complete list of the top hunting influencers and famous deer hunters to follow below.

15 Fierce Female Hunters That You Need to Follow on Instagram

1. @kendalljones

Women hunters to follow 1


This Texas-raised, small town girl loves spreading her love for the outdoors. At an early age, her father took her along on his hunts, and since then she has developed a passion for hunting. Today, as one of the most popular female hunters on Instagram, she encourages women and young people to experience all that the great outdoors has to offer. Give this girl a follow as she does everything with passion.

What are some helpful tips to first time hunters? 

“Always practice with whatever weapon you are using to reduce the risk of making a bad shot. Research what hunting does for the wildlife population. Know why you are hunting and the benefits that come from it. Also, present hunting in a positive light. If you’re going out for the first time, try to learn from someone else and see if you can go out with them!” 



2. @laura.longnecker

Women Hunters on Instagram


Laura is a great example of the strong female hunters out there. She loves the time she gets to spend outdoors and always finds joy in life. This girl shows you what it’s like to have fun while chasing whitetail and catching some bass. Give her a follow and you’ll learn all you need to know about hunting and the outdoors.

Why do you hunt?

“My dad and I share a strong passion for hunting, and we spend quality time together, we are very ethical hunters and love to harvest and enjoy the meat off the animals God provides to us. Hunting is not just about killing, it’s about enjoying nature and finding yourself.”



3. @melissa_bachman

Hunters to follow on Instagram


Melissa is an outdoor-loving hunter from South Dakota. She started hunting at the young age of 5, which let her spend extra time with her parents, and she has loved it ever since. Tune in on Sundays to the Sportsman Channel to see her! Give her a follow on Instagram, and you’ll be able to follow her real life journey to fill the freezer.

What are some helpful tips to first-time hunters?

“Hunting is a patience game; you must put in your time and hard work. But ultimately it really just takes time to become successful.”



4. @caraharper

Hunters on Instagram


Growing up, Cara was raised to love the experience of being in the outdoors and to enjoy the beauty in nature. Hunting gives her the opportunity to spend time with her family and disconnect from all the other distractions in life. Give her a follow and you’ll experience her love of dogs, fitness, photography, and everything outdoors!

What are your hobbies outside of hunting?

“I also enjoy competing in hunt tests with my dog Nita, during the off season!”



5. @mrsjessbond

Women hunters you need to follow


Jess is a fierce wife, mother, and hunter who has a passion for the outdoors.  She got into hunting because of her husband and instantly fell in love with the outdoors and the beauty it has to offer. Being outdoors became her escape, her answer, and her saving grace. Give her a follow and you’ll see her hunting her favorites: turkey and whitetail!

What are some helpful tips to first time hunters?

“Stop and truly experience the hunt. It opens up your eyes to the beauty of this world that is often overlooked! Also focus on YOUR journey. Are you growing and making progress? Don’t compare to others. God made only one YOU for a reason.”



6. @kristylee15

Instagram hunters


Kristy Lee Cook is a well-known hunter and owner/host ofThe Most Wanted List. Her and her guests talk about their hunting goals. With an intense love for hunting, the outdoors, and being with family, she is one to follow.  A unique fact about Kristy: she was on American Idol! Give this fierce, talented, and outdoor loving girl a follow!

What are some helpful tips for first time hunters?

“Find someone who’s into hunting and ask them to help you. Hunting is hard to get into if you don’t have that connection. Find a connection, because it’s worth it!”



7. @huntress_texas

Women hunters to follow on social media


Texas raised, Stephanie is a fierce hunter who loves to hunt whitetail deer and hogs.  Her favorite part about hunting is being one with nature. She hunts for conservation and to provide for her family.  Her goal is to show young women that they too can have a love for the outdoors. And maybe she'll even inspire you to join her and the growing community of strong female hunters.

How’d you get into hunting?

“My husband is an avid hunter. He shared his love for hunting and conservation with me. I am hooked now. It’s my love and happy place.”



8. @huchhasalittlehope

Best hunters on Instagram


Coming to you from Colorado, Hope is a fierce woman who hunts to provide for her family. It also allows her to enjoy time in the woods with friends and family, and create memories of being on the hunt. Give her a follow and you’ll see how she makes hunting a family activity!

What are some helpful tips for first time hunters? 

“Get out and enjoy the hunt!  If you make it a chore, you won’t enjoy what Mother Nature has provided.”



9. @misspursuit

Top women hunters


Carly starting hunting because she fell in love with a true outdoorsman.  She learned very quickly that he was going to hunt with or without her. So, she figured if you can’t beat ‘em, you better join ‘em. Hunting allowed her to connect with her husband, but it also allowed her to find herself throughout the pursuit. Her goal is to inspire, inform, connect, educate, and share an intimate journey of an outdoors family.

Why do you hunt?

“To connect with nature, put food on my family's table and help with conservation efforts.”



10. @jamie.belknap

Outdoor instagram accounts


For Jamie, hunting has never been a question – it has always been what her family has done as part of their lifestyle. Starting from such a young age, Jamie knows all the ins-and-outs of hunting and nature. Jamie never lets hunting become a competition, the only person she competes with is herself.  Her goal is to learn something every time she goes out.

What are some helpful tips for first time hunters?

“Here is a tip for the ladies... DON’T EVER, I repeat, EVER feel discouraged simply because you are a female. No man, woman, child, horse or sheep can ever make you feel less of a hunter because you aren’t a man. Times have changed and there is NO reason females can’t do anything and everything a man can do in the field. Keep grinding, listen to advice, learn from mistakes and fall in love with every experience hunting gives you.”



11. @aentrekin12

Instagram accounts about hunting


At the age of 3, Alex started hunting with her father. From that point, she was quickly hooked and has been doing it ever since! Not only is she an avid hunter, but a fisherman too. Alex loves to inspire other female hunters to get outside and enjoy the sunrise and sunset whenever you can.

What are some helpful tips to first-time hunters?

“Listen to advice from experienced hunters. Get out there and try new things. Learn from your mistakes, because believe me, there will be plenty made. Most of all, though, enjoy what you’re doing and stay true to who you are and why you want to be a hunter in the first place.” 



12. @kimberlyrogers1

Women who hunt on Instagram


Growing up, Kimberly’s father shared his passion for the outdoors and hunting with her.  She has continued to hunt for conservation, but there is something about being in the woods and getting away from everyday life that makes her feel closer to God and reflect on what’s important in life. Her goal is to get more children, men, and women involved with the outdoors. If you want to get your fix on nature, Kim is the girl to follow!

What are some helpful tips for first-time hunters?

“Don’t give up and get out in the woods every chance you get! When I first started turkey hunting, I was completely clueless to what I was doing but I would go sit out there every chance I got just to watch the turkeys and learn every chance I could. Also, don’t be scared to reach out to other hunters for help and advice. I’ve learned so much from people who are more experienced than me and I’ve also made so many genuine friendships in the hunting world.”



13. @huntfiber

Instagram hunters 14


Starting from a young age, Lindsay was introduced to hunting by her father and instantly fell in love. She certainly deserves a spot on this list with the other strong female hunters. And since she is also a fitness expert, she could teach us all a thing or two about hitting the gym. You’ll get your fill of hunting, nutrition, and fitness with one follow!

Why do you hunt?

“It’s the core of who I am. It makes up the fibers of my being and it is the purest form of soul rejuvenation I’ve found yet.”



14. @wildwellfed

Instagrammers 15


Gina grew up hunting in Wyoming with her dad. The first time she went hunting she was instantly hooked. She currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska, making that her favorite place to hunt. Not only will you learn the ins-and-outs of hunting, but she has some great camping and hiking tips as well. Give her a follow today!

Why do you hunt? 

“I love everything about it. Being in nature, watching animals, harvesting my own healthy, ethically sourced meat, feeding my family, testing my body and mind, adventure, and it is just super fun.”



15. @miaanstine

Huntress 16


Like many of the female hunters on this list, Mia does more than just hunt. She is an outdoor writer, speaker, and hunting guide who teaches others how to get outside, hunt, fish, shoot, and savor all that life has to offer. It’s her passion to spread her love for the outdoors. Give her a follow and you will learn all that you possibly can about the outdoors.

What are some helpful tips for first-time hunters? 

“Always be willing to learn.”


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