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Complete list of the WR120 radio selectable alerts

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WR120 Weather Radio Help Videos

1. How do I program the WR120? https://youtu.be/yaMirgMedBo 2. How do I reset the WR120? https://youtu.be/V9GwGhHFcs4 3. What are the different types of alerts on the WR120? https://youtu.be/MNS24Bq3rH4 4. Why do I need a NOAA weather radio? https://youtu.be/PzWcn8isjig 5. What batteries should I use for the WR120? https://youtu.be/r0LqNC0hXCM 6. What is the required weekly test? https://youtu.be/0Vqo3zakHn4 7. What does the on/off switch do? https://youtu.be/mxD3YguSHXQ 8. What is the “any” feature”? https://youtu.be/3wUz1aty7lY 9. What does multiple locations mean? https://youtu.be/klNQhM28z84 10. What does nearby counties mean? https://youtu.be/oHeE2yiPwi4 11. How do you set alerts for just thunderstorms and tornado warnings only? https://youtu.be/lI8GZaSsToc 12. What are selectable alerts? https://youtu.be/mSjR9uW7d88 13. How do you find the correct transmitter? https://youtu.be/yfRSIGJD28I