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Planting Season Giveaway

Planting season giveaway

Power up the farm this planting season

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The Giveaway closes Thursday, April 31st at 11:59pm CST. One Winner will be selected at random by @midlandusa on Friday, May 1st at 10:00am CST.

upgrade communication ahead of planting season with mxt500agvp3

Ahead of planting season, it's key you make sure all your equipment is running and to make any necessary upgrades.


Best farm radios

Take your farm communication to the next level with the most powerful GMRS two-way radios on the market.


Product Spotlight

Midland mxt500agvp3 farm bundle


High-powered bundle with MXT500 and all accessories needed to install in virtually any combine or tractor. this radio boasts 50 Watts of broadcasting power and is the most powerful GMRS radio allowed by law. Especially useful on massive, sprawling properties like farms adn ranches, this radio utilizes 15 GMRS channels and 8 high-powered repeater channels. This product is compatible with all Midland FRS/GMRS walkie talkies.