August 18, 2022

Harvest season is in full swing and that means farmers across the country are busy in the fields.

Throughout the year, Midland's agriculture partners are giving people a look inside their operations via social media.

Here are some of our top farmers that you should follow this harvest season.

Larson Farms

Larson Farms is located in West Central Michigan. It's a fifth generation farm that was established in 1918. 


NY Farm Girls

These three sisters work on their family's dairy and crop farm in the Finger Lakes region in New York. The farm has over 1,000 cows, 1,800 acres of crops such as corn; soybeans; wheat; and hay, with an additional 70 acres of pumpkins.


Peterson Farm Bros

These fifth generation farmers operate out of central Kansas. Raising crops and cattle, the Peterson Farm Brothers grow wheat, corn, soybeans sorghum, and different forages for the cattle. You'll also find these brothers making hilarious parody videos to help advocate for agriculture.


Werner Ag

This third generation family farm is nestled in Hanna, Indiana. Werner Ag was established in 1960 and products corn, soybeans, winter wheat, and cereal rye cover crop seed. 


Todd Westerfeld

Westerfeld owns TAQ Farms, LLC. Established in 2015, the farm is located in central Texas and produces grain crops, cotton, and cattle.


James Pieper

This young farmer started his own farm in southern Minnesota. With epic drone shots, you can follow along as he establishes his operations on the farm.

Hilby Family Farm

Becca Hilby is a dairy farmer with a Brown Swiss bias. Located in Hazel Green, Wisconsin, the Hilby Family Farm raises bottle calves, steers, corn, soybeans, and enough hay for all the animals.


Michigan Farm Photos

Based in Central Michigan, this account captures photos and videos from all over the state. Here you'll find epic shots of the equipment, fields, and the best products for the farm (like Midland Radios of course).



Midland Radio is offering its Harvest Season promotion beginning August 2nd and ending September 30, 2022.

When you spend $500 or more, you get $100 off. 

Check out our Agriculture page for the best two-way radios for the farm.

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