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A Weather “Watch” Has Just Been Issued – What Should I Do?

Your weather radio just informed you that a weather “watch” has been issued for your area. So, do you need to do anything? After all, a weather watch only indicates that severe weather is possible. In other words, it is not guaranteed to happen. So, if severe weather is only a possibility than does that mean do you do anything?

Yes, you do.

A Weather Watch Has Just Been Issued – What Do I Do Now?

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A weather watch is issued when severe storm weather becomes a possibility in your area.  For example, your weather radio may alert you about a “Severe Thunderstorm Watch”—so what does that mean?

In essence, it means that you should prepare for the intense weather events that a severe thunderstorm might produce. Specifically, things like torrential rain, deadly lightning, damaging hail, damaging straight-line winds, and even the occasional tornado.


With this in mind, here are a few easy things you can do to be better prepared if these storms were to occur:

  • Move your car into the garage or under a carport.
    • Reason: hail will damage it. In a strong downpour, thousands of dollars of damage can be done in minutes.
  • Lower or completely remove any shade umbrellas on your deck.
    • Reason: strong winds can break it or carry it away. In fact, it could get carried away in the wind, break, and damage someone else’s property all at once. Take it down and avoid this all together.
  • Collect loose toys in the backyard.
    • Reason: the kids would be sad if they blew away. Plus, they can become projectiles in severe wind storms.
  • Close the windows in your house.
    • Reason: rain might blow inside and cause damage.
  • Check and clear out your closet, bathtub, and/or storm shelter.
    • Reason: you might need to take cover in these spaces.
  • Contact your local sports teams or outdoor event attendees.
    • Reason: you may need to cancel or suspend any upcoming events.
  • Check the batteries in your flashlight.
    • Reason: the electricity may go out in your house. If that does happen, you’ll be very happy to have a working flashlight on-hand.
  • Let your family know there is a possibility of severe weather.
    • Reason: you love them.


Use a severe weather “watch” as your heads-up that bad weather is possible. Being proactive when the watch is issued means you’ll be much better prepared if something really happens. That will give you peace of mind, but it will also help protect you and your loved ones if the weather situation continues to worsen.

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Thanks for helping us build a weather-ready nation!