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Why a Weather Alert Radio is as Important as a Smoke Detector for Your Family’s Safety

In case of a fire, your family can rely on a smoke detector to warn you in enough time to evacuate safely.  But what do you count on in the event of severe weather? When it comes to family safety, time is everything, and having just a few extra minutes or seconds can save lives. A weather alert radio is just as crucial as a smoke detector. It can mean the difference between being caught by surprise or gaining precious minutes to prepare for your family’s safety.

A weather alert radio immediately sounds a warning once an alert is issued by the National Weather Service, giving you and your family more time to take cover. Since your weather alert radio receives this information at the same time as most TV stations and other media outlets, you will often know before it can even be announced on the air. Those extra minutes you have to prepare for an emergency can mean the difference between life and death. Just like a smoke detector, a weather alert radio is loud enough to be heard whenever your family’s safety is in danger, and can wake you even if you are asleep.

Other Ways of Receiving Weather and Emergency Alerts Aren’t as Reliable as a Weather Alert Radio

While there are many ways to receive information and alerts, a weather alert radio is your most reliable choice. In today’s technological society, we often rely on cell phones and the internet to receive essential notifications. However, during a severe storm or other emergency, cell reception can be spotty, volume levels won’t always catch your attention and batteries die.

Power outages can cause computers and TVs to stop working, cutting off important weather information. Outdoor warning sirens aren’t designed to be heard indoors, especially when you’re sleeping.

A weather alert radio can operate on battery back up, so it can continue to deliver vital updates even under the worst conditions. And if you’re the type that tends to forget to check battery life or live in an area where extended power outages are common, there are even emergency crank weather alert radios so you can generate your own power for the radio.

Family safety requires preparing for every imaginable emergency, whether it’s a fire, severe storms or civil emergencies like chemical spills or Amber alerts.  Just as a smoke detector helps keep your family safe if a fire breaks out, a weather alert radio is a must to prepare for many other emergencies.