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What Business Radio Should I Use at My Hotel?

We know the BR200 BizTalk® Business Radio helps your business run more smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. But how? We sat down with Danira Arellano, General Manager of the Hampton Inn & Suites of Indio, CA. Find out why Danira thinks the BR200 is the best option for a business radio in a hotel.

How large is your operation?

93-room hotel.

Which Midland products do you use?

BR200 BizTalk Business Radio.

The BizTalk BR200 Business Radio works perfectly in a hotel.

Midland BizTalk® BR200 Business Radio

Can you describe how you use Midland products at your business? 

Employees are able to communicate throughout the hotel with the front office, housekeeping and maintenance.

How have Midland products helped your business?

We are able to communicate quickly to react to guests’ requests and problems.

Are you planning on using Midland products in the future?

Yes, this product was referred to us from a sister property and is so far the best radio I have found in my 13+ years working in hotels.

The BizTalk BR200 business radio makes work communication simple.

Hampton Inn front desk supervisor communicating with maintenance engineer on the 4th floor with Midland BizTalk® BR200 Business Radio

Any advice for those who work in hospitality, especially as it relates to telecommunications?

Being able to communicate quickly and efficiently throughout the hotel to respond to guests’ needs and requests is the key to being successful. We are in an industry to take care of our guests, the faster we can communicate requests or problems to our staff, the faster we can make our guests happy!