Where can I get my county codes?

For county codes please go to http://www.nws.noaa.gov/nwr/indexnw.htm#sametable.

Why does my weather radio have a "Check Reception" message scrolling across the screen and it beeps every 10 minutes?

The message and beep tone indicate that the radio has not received any weather alerts or test alerts in 10 days. If NOAA is forced to skip the weekly test and no alerts have been issued, the message can appear on the display.

To clear the message and beep you will need to reset the radio. To reset the radio, unplug the power cord and remove the batteries. Wait 15 seconds and reinsert the power cord and batteries. Once the radio has been reset the time will need to be programmed.  


What is the warranty term on a weather radio?

Weather radios are warranted for one year from the date of purchase. Specific warranty terms and conditions can be found in the back of your owners manual.

Where can I find consumer radio service warranty info?

Warranty will vary according to model. All warranties are found on the last page of the owner’s manual.  If your radio needs to be repaired, please follow these simple instructions:

Out of Warranty:

Please call Midland Customer Service at 816-462-0438 for assistance.

Warranty Repair:

Please send your unit with COPY of receipt to:

Midland Radio Corporation
Attn: Repair Dept.
5900 Parretta Dr.
Kansas City, MO  64120

How do I get “WARNING” off of my weather radio display? No matter what I press it will not go away.

Remove the protective plastic label that says “WARNING” on it.

What is the PC jack used for?

The PC jack is used for cloning like radios with like information, which is usually done in large quantities. It’s not made for consumers to use the radios with a computer.

How can I adjust the volume on my WR100?

The volume can only be adjusted when “weather” is displayed on the LCD. To adjust  the volume press “Weather/Snooze,” then press the up or down arrows several times to increase or decrease the volume.

How can I turn off some of the alerts on my WR100 that I do not want to be alerted for?

The WR100 cannot be programmed to only receive certain alerts.

I am having some reception problems. How do I get a clearer broadcast?

You can try moving the radio near a window or to a different location in the home to see if that will improve the reception. You also can try an external antenna to help improve the reception. You may be able to obtain an external antenna from your local electronics store.

My WR300 manual says that the radio is defaulted to not give an audible alert tone for tornado warning. Is that the way the radio is supposed to work?

We apologize. This was a mistake in the manual. The asterisk was mistakenly placed by some alerts that are preset and cannot have the alert tone turned off. The alerts that you can see in the radio under “defeat siren” can be turned off, but all other alerts listed in the manual cannot be disabled and will give an audible alert tone.

What is the EXT alert jack used for?

The external alert jack is used for a strobe light or a pillow vibrator, etc. These items are used to assist the hearing or visually impaired community.

When does the warning/watch/advisory light turn off?

After an alert is received the light can remain on the radio from 15 minutes up to 6 hours. When the designated time has passed the display message and light will reset to their normal state.

Why have I not been receiving any of the alerts that have been issued?

Check to make sure that the correct codes have been entered and that you are on the correct channel for your county. Make sure that the reception is coming in clear. The “Alert on/off” switch MUST be turned on to receive alerts. If you are receiving poor reception then you may not get the alerts.

Why is my weather radio not alerting for blizzards and winter warnings?

The NWS does not always tone alert for many winter storms, unless there is a dramatic change to the forecast. You may want to contact your local NOAA office to ensure that the alerts are being issued.

Once you have verified with the local NWS office that the alerts are being issued, and you verified that your weather radio is programmed correctly and it’s still not alerting, you can follow the instructions in the back of your user’s manual for warranty service.

Why is my WR100 weather radio not giving an audible Tone Alert on the weekly test?

The WR100 radio has been updated so the radio responds to the weekly and monthly test with only the visual alert. During the test, the Advisory LED will light up and the “Weekly Test” or “Monthly Test” message will be visible on the display. The radio will not sound an audible alert tone to avoid giving the impression of an actual alarm. The visual response to the test is confirmation that your radio is working properly.

Why is my weather radio only running on batteries?

Please check and make sure that the adapter is plugged into the “DC Jack” and not the middle jack in the back of the radio.

What is S.A.M.E.?

Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) can be used so your radio only alerts you to warnings in your specific area. There are approximately 600 radio stations across the country that transmit the NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) signal. The National Weather Service uses this signal to broadcast weather conditions, forecasts, and alerts. Each transmitter is set to one of seven specific frequencies designated by NOAA for the NWR system. Most radios can monitor any of the seven channels which could include alerts for multiple counties. Many people like to only hear alerts specific to their immediate vicinity. There is a code that is sent out in the broadcast by the National Weather Service which identifies which county the alert is for. If your radio has S.A.M.E. you can program your radio to only sound the alert if it affects your county or the counties closest to you.

What alerts are broadcasted?

Only the most imminent life- and property-threatening hazards are broadcasted with the SAME signal and 1050 Hertz warning alarm tone, when the public has to take immediate action to protect themselves and their property. An operational guideline is that alerts are only for hazards urgent enough to warrant waking people up in the “middle of the night” or otherwise interrupting someone’s activities at any time.

What is "NOAA Weather Radio"?

NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information direct from a nearby National Weather Service office. NWR broadcasts National Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day. For more information visit: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/nwr/

How close to the broadcast tower do I need to be?

Broadcast range from the weather radio transmitter is approximately 40 miles. The effective range depends on terrain, quality of the receiver, and indoor/outdoor antennas. Before you buy a receiver, make sure your area is covered by one of the transmitters. The goal of the National Weather Service and emergency preparedness agencies is to expand the reach of weather radio broadcasts to cover 95 percent of the U.S. population. Innovative partnerships between the NWS, private industry, and state and local governments are fueling this expansion. You can help foster such partnerships in your community. For more information concerning developing a partnership with the NWS, contact your local weather service office.

Whom do I contact for large quantity wholesale orders?

To place or track an order, obtain pricing, and get product information for consumer radio, accessories and parts, email consumersales@midlandradio.com or call  816.241.8500 ext. 261.

How many broadcast towers are there?

There are more than 1,000 broadcast towers covering more than 99% of the U.S. population.

Can I have my order shipped to a PO Box?

No. All orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx and cannot be delivered to a PO Box.

How soon will my order be shipped?

Orders placed through our web page are processed by our office staff once each week day, and usually ship the next business day. For example, an order placed late in the day on Monday would be processed on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday.

Backorders, holidays and other events beyond our control may cause further delays.

Can I use a Midland FRS/GMRS with other FRS/GMRS brands?

Yes, Our FRS/GMRS will work with any other FRS brand on the market today.