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When severe weather knocks out power and internet access, a Midland weather radio is the one thing keeping you connected

Weather patterns and storms don’t just seem more severe lately; they are more severe. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that recent years are among the most extreme weather years in history. Devastating damage from Katrina, the Joplin, Missouri tornado, Irene and Sandy left millions without power for longer than most people ever anticipated. Those are just a few of the more recent storm-related disasters. Debates on the causes aside, many in the weather community expect these extreme weather patterns to continue. A weather radio is the number one priority in emergency preparedness to protect yourself and your family in the event of severe weather and emergency hazards. Just ask anyone who survived a weather catastrophe thanks to alerts from a Midland weather radio.

Midland weather radio alerts save lives. Period.

Midland Radio Corporation sells the world’s most recommended desktop, portable and emergency crank weather radios, but our true mission is emergency preparedness and saving lives. More homes, businesses and schools depend on Midland weather radios than any other brand for keeping people safe, aware and protected during severe weather or other emergency situations—especially when all else fails. If we’ve learned anything from recent storm events, it’s that systems can and do fail. When they do, Midland all-hazards weather radios broadcast immediate emergency alert information direct from NOAA or Environment Canada.

Weather outlook resources for emergency preparedness

Weather radios transmit emergency alerts and severe weather warnings from NOAA and the National Weather Service. Whether you’re heading outdoors or just want to know if your family is in a storm’s path, these weather agency resources provide important, up-to-date forecasts.

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