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90% of Homes DON’T Have This One Life-Saving Product

90% of Homes are Missing This One Life-Saving Product


Most homes have more than one smoke detector. And, many homes even have a security system. However, 90% of homes do not have this one life-saving product. It’s a product recommended by both the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency: an NOAA Weather Radio.

Weather radios were designed to be an “indoor tornado siren”.  And believe it or not, their life-saving history spans sixty years! As the official “Voice of the National Weather Service”, NOAA weather radios save lives every day. After all, these radios give you instant, official alerts and warnings faster than any other system. In fact, the weather alerts come directly from your local National Weather Service office and your county emergency manager.


Nothing Can Replace a Real NOAA Weather Radio

NOAA Weather Radio by Midland

So, why are 90% of homes still missing this inexpensive and reliable device? Especially since the lives of you and your loved ones could depend on it!? By and large, many people just think that they can rely on hearing outdoor sirens, or seeing an alert on their TV or phone.  However, outdoor sirens are only meant to alert people that are already outside, they can easily go unheard if you’re inside with other noises present.

In a similar fashion, you really cannot and should not rely on phone or television alerts. For one, your TV will go out in the event of a power outage. And it’s quite possible that either, you don’t hear your cell phone go off, or it simply doesn’t go off in a timely fashion.

You can avoid all of these situations by using an NOAA Weather Radio. These little devices are life-savers because they automatically alert you with an 80-decibel alert tone, which is loud enough to wake you or get your attention no matter what you’re doing.


NOAA Weather Radios Save Lives

Make sure your family has multiple, redundant methods of receiving these life-saving warnings.  For less than the cost of a family movie night, you can spread a blanket of protection throughout your house. So, stay safe, stay prepared, and help save lives by getting the “voice of the National Weather Service” in your house, with an NOAA Weather Radio!