Will my rechargeable batteries last forever?

Depending on care and use, rechargeable batteries can be expected to last 2 to 3 years. Ways to care for and extend the life of your rechargeable batteries can be found at http://www.copquest.com/battery_care.htm. Midland recommends that you purchase a replacement battery when you begin to notice a decline in the running time of the battery.

How do I get the most accurate reading on the battery level for the GXT2000/2050?

For the most accurate reading, view the battery level status while transmitting.

My GXT2000/2050 battery is acting like it’s completely dead. How do I fix it?

If the battery is shorted, it goes into protection mode and acts like a dead battery. To disable protection mode, simply charge the radio with the battery in the desktop charger.

My Nautico 1 is stuck on CH16 and won’t do anything else. What is wrong with my radio?

The CH16 button locks the rest of the buttons. You will need to press and release the CH16 button until you see Ch1 with the weather broadcasting then press the PTT button, this should take you back to the marine channels. You then should be able to press and release the menu button once and have the channel flash.

How soon will my order be shipped?

Orders placed through our web page are processed by our office staff once each week day, and usually ship the next business day. For example, an order placed late in the day on Monday would be processed on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday.

Backorders, holidays and other events beyond our control may cause further delays.

Can I have my order shipped to a PO Box?

No. All orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx which cannot deliver to a PO Box.

Is my radio compatible with other GMRS and FRS radios?

Yes, all Midland GMRS and FRS radios are compatible with other GMRS and FRS radios. When communicating with a different model or different brand, you should check the channel frequency tables for each radio (in the owner’s manuals) and select a common frequency, regardless of channel number.

Privacy codes (CTCSS) are also compatible on all Midland GMRS and FRS radio models capable of this feature. Each radio must be set to the same channel and CTCSS code for the radios to communicate with each other. Privacy code settings may be different on brands other than Midland.

Hey, I am not getting up to a 5 Mile range on the First 7 Channels, what gives?

The First 7 channels are shared FRS channels. The Last 8 Channels are exclusive GMRS channels. You will often have more users on the FRS channels causing interference and reducing your range. The range between your GMRS radio and a FRS radio will be set by the range of the less powerful FRS radio.

My friend has a BRAND-X GMRS radio, will it work with a MIDLAND GMRS?

All Midland GMRS radios work with all brands. Before using your Midland radio with another brand, check your channel frequency list to be sure that the channel you are using is the same frequency as that of the other brand.

I can't get my radio to change from channel 22. Everything on the display is showing up.

To protect the display from being scratched, your radio comes with a decorative thin plastic film over the display. Use your fingernail or other soft object to remove this film.

Why do my radios go back to "LO" power each time I turn the radio off and back on again?

This feature was primarily designed to conserve battery life. It will also switch to “LO” if the batteries are low or on FRS channels.

Do the lights on my charger (optional accessory) indicate when the batteries are charged?

No, the lights only indicate that the batteries in the radio are making contact with the charging circuit.

How long should I charge rechargeable batteries (optional accessories)?

The batteries should be charged for at least 24 hours for the first charge cycle and after the batteries have been completely discharged. Each cycle thereafter should be 8 – 10 hours to fully recharge.

How long should rechargeable batteries last in my radio after being fully charged?

Rechargeable batteries should perform for approximately 15 hours if the radio use is 5% of the time transmitting, 5% receiving and 90% in standby.

How come I can't get a 5 mile range?

Range varies based on terrain, condition, and battery power. In an open unobstructed area (open field) without interference, the range can reach up to 5 miles.

What is the silver strip of material inside the battery compartment?

This is a store security device and can be removed and discarded after you have purchased the radios.

I can't seem to get more than 5 miles of range from the radio. How do I get more?

Make sure that the radio is set to high power by pressing the mode button. Check to see that the batteries have a good charge. Insure that there are as few obstructions between the two points of communication.

Does Midland Radio Corporation have a car charger that goes into the radio Mic jack on a GXT, LXT or G series radio?

Not at this time. Some stores do sell a generic 9v DC car charger and correct plug for the Mic jack (9v cigarette lighter plug w/cord). The tip of the plug is positive.

How do I turn the button press and power up beeps off on my GXT or LXT series radio?

If your radio does not have BP as one of the menu selections, you can not turn the beeps off. The only thing you can do to keep beeps from coming out of the speaker is to use the AVP-1 headset.

What is the Range of a GMRS Two-Way radio?

A GMRS radio has a range of up to 5 miles or more. The range is relative to the obstacles around you. On an open field, or water the range is greater.

Urban development may reduce the range to 2 miles or less. If you are in a tall building the range is about 20 floors. This is very common with two-way radios.

How do I get my LXT radio to charge from the wall charger after the battery is completely dead?

Remove the battery pack and reinsert it. This will allow the charge to start.

I have a LXT radio and I'm not sure where the charging cord plugs into on the radio.

The charging cord plug in on the side of the radio where it says MIC/CHG.

When I turn on my GMRS radio it always shows a Low Battery Icon.

The icon on the radio is a low battery indicator only. It does not change to show a full or half charge. The low battery icon will come on the screen and continuously flash when the batteries are low.

I can’t hear anything from my radio but the RX indicator comes on.

Make sure that the volume is turned up loud enough to hear. To increase the volume on a G or LXT series radio, press the up arrow button. To increase it on a GXT radio, turn the volume knob clockwise.

I’ve had my radios in the charger for three days but the battery icon only shows one bar when I turn it on.

When the radio is turned on you will see the battery symbol along with all of the other items on the display, this is just a display test and has nothing to do with the charge in the battery. If the battery gets low you will see the battery icon continously flash.

I don't get very good range with my Two-Way (or other) radio!

Transmission range for any two-way radio depends on local conditions and interference. You will get more range out in an open field or across a lake than you will inside a building or on a city street.

As a general rule of thumb, if there are objects in the “line-of-site” between you and the other radio, your range will be reduced.

Do I need to purchase a license from the FCC?

It depends. The FRS (Family Radio Service) radio channels (8-14) do not require you to purchase a license. An FCC license is, however, required for use of GMRS channels. To apply for a GMRS license, please visit the FCC website and fill out the application. A license is not required to purchase a radio with GMRS channels on it, however.

What are Sub-Codes/privacy codes? (CTCSS/DCS)

In some FRS/GMRS Two-Way-Radio there are 38 CTCSS codes and 83 DCS codes, which means Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System and Digital Coded Squelch. The purpose of these codes is to reduce or eliminate the interference between other users that are talking. So if you are on channel 8 Sub-Code 27, you can only talk and listen to someone that is on that same channel/sub-code.

Will it hurt to leave my radios in the charger for more than the normal charge time?

If the radios are used on a daily basis, leaving them in the charger overnight and over the weekend is fine. You should not leave the radios in the charger full time, this will damage the batteries.

Consumer Radio Service Warranty Info

Warranty will vary according to model. All warranties are found on the last page of the owner’s manual.  If your radio needs to be repaired, please follow these simple instructions:

Out of Warranty:

Please call Midland Customer Service at 816-462-0416 for assistance.

Warranty Repair:

Please send your bad unit with COPY of receipt to:

Midland Radio Corporation
Attn: Repair Dept.
5900 Parretta Dr
Kansas City, MO  64120

Weather Alert Feature

With this feature your radio will receive Weather Alerts from the National Weather Service.


The WeatherScan+Alert feature automatically scans and locks on to the strongest signal in the area for Weather Alerts and complete weather information from the National Weather Service.

Can I use my GMRS 2 way radio with the MicroMobile?

Yes, the MicroMobile is compatible with ALL GMRS radios.

How Do I Flip the LCD Screen On My MicroMobile?

To “flip” the LCD display:
1. Be sure the radio is turned off (see Power On/Off).

2. Press and hold the Channel Down button, then press and hold the Power On/Off button for two seconds to turn the radio on.

The LCD display will rotate 180° from its most recent orientation.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 to return the LCD display to its previous orientation.

My MicroMobile Has No Power

Check your vehicle’s power source, replace as needed

Check input power connection & or wires to the vehicle power source

My MicroMobile Can't Receive Any Transmissions
  1. Verify both radios have the same channel selection and Privacy Code settings
  2. Make sure you are in range of the other radio
  3. Confirm the pathway between radios isn’t obstructed by buildings, hills and other structures
My MicroMobile Keypad is not Responding
  1. Make sure the keypad “lock” is not on
  2. Reset the radio (turn it off then back on)
I Have Lost or Broken a Cord or Bracket for my MicroMobile

Please call Midland Customer Service at 816-241-8500 and we will help you order a replacement part

Battery Rapid ReCharge

With Battery Rapid ReCharge your 2-Way Radio will charge twice as fast as the average 2-Way Radio. The Midland X-Talker Radio is ready to use after only 2 ½ hours of charging. Most 2-Way Radios require you to charge your radio overnight to get a full charge.