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Tornado Victims to Receive Assistance from Midland Radio Corporation

Little Rock, Arkansas – Sunday’s deadly tornado outbreak was responsible for severe devastation and loss of life in the Little Rock area.  Many victims remain homeless and without power, leaving them vulnerable to further danger as the severe weather season continues across much of the country.

Midland Radio Corporation and Kroger are joining with television station THV11 to help survivors protect themselves and their families.  Midland and Kroger are donating 100 of Midland model HH54VP weather alert radios and batteries to be distributed by THV11 to survivors of the Sunday storm.  Model HH54VP is a hand-held portable weather radio that operates with either alkaline or rechargeable batteries and is Public Alert certified.  Accordingly, it meets strict performance standards and can be programmed to receive alerts at the county level.

In addition, on Wednesday, April 30, a weather radio programming event will be held at the Kroger store located at 6929 JFK Blvd in North Little Rock.  Bring any brand of weather radio to be tuned-up and programmed by representatives from THV11, Midland, and the National Weather Service, who will also be available to set up and program new radios purchased at the event.

“NOAA weather radios save lives,” said Bruce Thomas, Meteorologist and National Spokesperson for Midland Radio Corporation. “For that reason, every family should have a NOAA weather radio to stay safe. It’s as important as a smoke detector for your home.”

For more information about weather radios, weather preparedness, and other Midland products: http://midlandusa.com/