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Time to Change Your Midland Weather Alert Radio Batteries

Kansas City, MO – The spring arrival of Daylight Savings Time often marks the beginning of the severe weather season. This makes Daylight Savings Time the perfect time to replace the batteries in your Midland Weather Alert Radio.

As the official “Voice of the National Weather Service,” NOAA Weather Radio gives you instant alerts and bulletins direct from your local NWS office.  Kept plugged into the wall, a Public Alert-certified NOAA Weather Radio will utilize its back-up batteries only when the power fails.  However, all alkaline batteries can leak acid after twelve months and therefore should be changed at least once a year, regardless of the usage of the batteries’ voltage.

When taking time to set the clocks forward and change batteries in your smoke alarm this weekend, don’t forget to also change the batteries in your Midland Weather Alert Radio. This simple act could mean the difference between early warning protection and being caught without access to important information this severe weather season.

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