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How To Reset Your WR-120 NOAA Weather Radio

If your WR-120 NOAA Weather Radio missed the Required Weekly Test and starts beeping intermittently, the proper way to re-set your radio is to turn the ON/OFF button on the side of the unit OFF, and then back ON.

These NOAA Weather Radios know they are supposed to receive a Required Weekly Test (RWT) every seven days. If the radio goes for 10 days without receiving the test, the radio will display “CHECK RECEPTION”, and may occasionally emit a quick “beep”. This will go on until the radio receives the next watch, warning, or the next week’s Required Weekly Test. If you don’t want to wait for the next event to reset your radio, just turn it OFF and then back ON and it will stop beeping.

A National Weather Service office might miss a RWT for several reasons:

  1. Skies are cloudy or ominous and they do not want to confuse people by issuing the RWT under a foreboding sky.
  2. Severe weather is expected on the day of the RWT.  As in #1, they don’t want to scare people.  But the expected severe weather never happens, and now the test has been missed.
  3. Equipment failure at NWS office, in transmission lines, or at transmitter site.
  4. NWS office is closed or otherwise not operating on the day of the RWT.

At a National Weather Service office, a missed test occurs perhaps once every two or three years.  For that reason, we often have to remind people how to re-set their radio when it starts beeping.  OFF/ON will do the trick.