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Putting Your Action Camera to Work as a Tool

You have probably seen an HD point-of-view (POV) action camera – such as the Midland XTC video camera – put to use recording exciting adventures like bungee jumping off a bridge or skiing down a mountain. You might have even seen them used on the news, recording the perspective of a policeman entering a building during a raid. But many people make use of a POV camera for everyday applications as well.

Have you ever had to take something apart, fix it, and then reassemble it? Did you end up with parts left over? Make a hands-free recording of the disassembly process using an HD POV camera and you’ll never worry about “extra” pieces again.

Whether you’re working on an appliance, a car, electronic equipment, or household plumbing, you need your hands free. Mounting the POV camera where you can see what you did and when will help you reassemble everything in the correct place. You can even narrate as you work, giving yourself some spoken reminders.

Take it a step further and make it an instructional video to post online and share with other enthusiasts. Rather than setting up a camera in one location and trying to accommodate one position, an HD POV camera will show everyone exactly what you’re talking about. As you work, they’ll know precisely what they should be seeing too.

Tired of giving directions to your house? Even a GPS can steer someone in the wrong direction every now and then. Try recording the drive, and then send the video to friends, alerting them to the landmarks to look for and when to turn.

Renting out your home or property? Record a walk-through so potential renters can get a good idea of the layout. They will know immediately if they are interested and you will save time in only showing the property to interested parties.

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