Twin Multi-Rider Bluetooth Intercom

No longer available for purchase online.

Dual state-of-the-art advanced intercom and multimedia solutions for the most demanding riders. The BT Next allows conversations for up to 6 bikers with a long distance range of up to 1 mile.

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Talk 2 All Universal Intercom - Connect with other brand intercom systems

Complete wireless multimedia system for a solo rider

Fitted with AGC function that automatically controls the volume in relation to background noise

Connection to a cell phone with built in MP3 player can “remote control” the features FORWARD/REPLAY and PLAY/STOP from the headsets.

Connects with up to 3 Bluetooth devices - Cell phone, GPS, MP3, another BT

Connect to Non-Bluetooth Devices - MP3


What's in the box

  • Two Bluetooth Wireless Intercom Devices
  • Two types of mounting hardware for helmets (base with screw and base with adhesive)
  • Two types of microphones (boom mic and wired mic)
  • AC dual charger
  • Stereo cable
  • Owner's Manual


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