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OTAR Is Now Available From Midland

Kansas City, MO – Midland Radio Corporation announces the addition of OTAR to its reliable P25 Midland radios. Over-The-Air Re-keying (OTAR) is the ability to change encryption keys over the air. This feature saves man-hours and minimizes risk to personnel and is now available on Midland P25 mobile, portable and desktop radios.

Securing two-way radio communication from eavesdroppers is not only critical for sensitive military applications but is also essential for many other government and emergency uses. OTAR (remote modification of a radio’s AES or DES encryption keys) is the premier privacy solution in both the public safety and commercial sectors.

Additional efficiency and man-power saving features include:

  • Static and Dynamic KMF registration
  • Multiple key loading
  • Easy to zero-ize keys

About Midland Radio Corporation

Midland Radio Corporation, headquartered in Kansas City, MO, is the U.S. affiliate of an international group of companies with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Midland has been one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers, and marketers of consumer and commercial communications products for more than 50 years. Midland is a leading supplier of 2-way communications products, including P25 and analog portables, mobiles, and base stations/repeaters to Federal, state and local government agencies and private commercial enterprises. Midland’s consumer line includes wearable action cameras, CB radios, weather/all hazards alert monitors, walkie-talkies, and marine radios. For more information contact Midland at 5900 Parretta Dr., Kansas City, MO64120, on the web at www.MidlandRadio.com, at 1-816-241-8500 or follow Midland on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.