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Nut-Harvesting Equipment Manufacturer Connects Via Two-Way Radios


Flory Industries is one of the leaders in nut-harvesting equipment with sales worldwide. Two-way radios are crucial in the company’s communication.

Farmers use the equipment for harvesting almonds, cashews, chestnuts, figs, hazelnuts, macadamia, pecans, tung nuts, and walnuts.

Flory Industries’ products include mowers vineyard equipment, and custom contract metal fabrication. The company has been repairing and building farm machinery since 1936.

Most of Flory’s sales are to larger farm operations. It also sells its products to dealers within the industry.

At its headquarters, Flory has about eight separate buildings employees work out of.


Because employees are working out of multiple buildings, communication is vital to success in manufacturing.

“We have at our complex about eight separate buildings. They primarily use radios for the managers and foremen to communicate amongst each other and employees,” Ed Santos with Flory Industries said.

Santos said employees do not use cellphones in the building. He added that two-way radios are actually more convenient when you’re looking to get ahold of someone quickly.

“Even though all these people probably have cell phones they find it easier to communicate with multiple people in their department or other departments. They don’t need to grab their cellphones to make a call or send a text message.”

Flory Industries has been using Midland Radio’s GXT1000VP4 Two-Way GMRS Radios for years. There are over 100 radios on site.

“They’re easy to set up and use…It’s working great when we set up different channels for use across the property.”

The company used to use other radios, but has found Midland to be sturdy and reliable.

“They’ve used others in the past, but these are much more durable and last longer,” Santos said.

He said employees would not be able to do their work without their Midland two-way radios.

“Communication is extremely important…it’s really just critical to what we do.”