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Midland’s Base Stations Ideal for Remote Mountain Top Solar Site Installations

Kansas City, MO – Midland’s VHF and UHF base stations and repeaters offer one of the lowest current draw features in the industry. The standby current draw of the Midland VHF base stations and repeaters is less than 120mA, making them ideal for remote locations where low current draw requirements are mandatory, such as where commercial AC power is not readily available.

Midland Base Tech P25 stations can be configured for low current, standard AC power, or 12-48 Volt DC power without modification. This unique feature allows Midland stations to operate on different power resources at no additional cost.

“With their low standby current, Midland VHF base stations and repeaters are ideal for remote sites and mountain top solar installations,” said Clyde Keith, Federal Sales Manager for Midland. “In those areas, extended operation of battery or solar powered equipment is critical,” Keith added. Midland solar installations are currently successfully in use by several government agencies.

In addition to having low current draw to allow for special site installations, all of Midland’s radios are engineered to meet and exceed P25 protocol standards and are covered by one of the industry’s strongest warranties: 5 years for base stations and repeaters and 3 years for portables, mobiles, and desktops.

With high quality, reliable P25 equipment, a dedicated sales and service network, toll free hotlines, and a skilled engineering team, customer satisfaction is ensured before, during, and after the sale. “In addition to offering outstanding equipment for these unique locations, we also take pride in ensuring that our customers are very well taken care of,” said Keith. “It’s a full service package here at Midland.”

Note: Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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